Quick Update

My week in 914 words..

  • Monday, guilt smoothie.. really needed that after the Sunday session, a run to Glen Beach, burger at Jamaica Me Crazy with Georg and Andy, visited Georg’s new pad in High Cape.
  • Georg tells us he now has a Mankini.
  • Tuesday, Lions Head with Andy and Ingi.. a new route above the caves, shopping, uber juice, got a new vacuum cleaner, soccer at La Med.. scored 3 goals.
  • “We deliver to the beach” — Sign in front of the pizza place in Camps Bay

  • “My life goal is to lead all my friends astray” — Andrew, after Ingi asked if he was leading us astray around the Lions Head caves.

  • “Everybody who works in that Game store failed their McDonnalds exams” — Andy

  • “Pubic relations officer, haha”.. Andrew, reading an article about spelling errors in CVs.

  • Wednesday, took Keith to the airport.. we are now a Linux only house again, visited Jonathan, Heavy Chef.. DA vs ANC social media, Boo Radleys to watch Lonesome Dave.. with about ten friends, Ataraxia Chardonnay again, mussels and a very nice lamb shank dish.
  • “There are three important rules in the military … most important is to hold your booze.” — Paul Vecchiatto at Heavy Chef, about our new communications minister who had his photo taken while face down in some potato salad.

  • Ingi asked me why I spend so much time on WAPA.. I think it’s because I feel like I can make in impact and maybe I like to support the little guy in the fight.
  • Had a conversation with somebody this week about kids.. she said she thinks her marriage is not strong enough to have children. That’s sad, but very honest and pragmatic I guess.
  • Thursday, ISPA PR WG meeting, Net Prophet conference.. Henk gave a very good talk.. I scored ~37, we need more unconferences, fetched my CPE at the Tamboerskloof house.. which is pretty much a big hole in the earth now, nap, missed a book launch, made myself dinner.. a rare thing.
  • That whole Old Mutual vibe (Net Prophet venue) is a bit scary.. the building is like a small city, a bit worrying to see all that from pension money.
  • “It’s much easier to say, ‘I’m sorry’ than ‘Please’.”

    “When you ask for a lot of money, people take you seriously.” — From a WAPA meeting

  • “If I believe in the idea, I’ll live it” — Dave Duarte

  • This is going to be good.. Bruno.
  • Tunes of the week: Barenaked Ladies, Rock Spectacle.
  • “She grew up on the wrong side of Clifton”– Andy about a troubled girl

  • “It’s a full time wrestling match in his head, tight outfits and all” — Andy

  • Friday, WAPA exco teleconference, interviewed somebody for a WAPA ops manager position, dissolved Blio (it seems), Mia time.. Deer Park with the mother, tea at Cath’s office.. Mia stole some chocolate, book shopping, nice Nitida Shiraz, Incredibles, bath, hot choc, reading.. mostly Olivia books, sleep.
  • “I’ve done a good job so far, it’s just a shame I can’t be her hero!! (like you)” — The Mother

  • “Cheers Amigo, take good care of yourself and remember to tell Mia I send my love every weekend. Recycle, turn off the lights and don’t drink too much. Find a lovely woman who deserves you and woo her without Facebook..” Keith.. (part of) an SMS on his way to India.. yup, that sums it up.

  • Saturday, home alone with Mia on a rainy weekend.. tea, rusks, toasted English Muffins and cheese, watched Kung Fu Panda, gym, swim, smoothie, shopping.. got Mia a most awesome pink Kukuxumusu juice bottle.. a functional work of art, Joe’s famous “dad-tuna-pasta-salad”, watched Lady and the tramp.. the first time Mia was upset from watching a movie.. she really did not like it that the doggy went to the pound.. but I we got back on the horse and I watched it with her till the happy ending, hot choc, sleep.
  • “There is no charge for awesomeness” — Kung Fu Panda

  • Mia now dives to the bottom of the pool to fetch dive sticks on her own.
  • I’m getting pretty good at making ponytails.
  • Parenting tip: you can buy a large Kauai smoothie but ask for it in two cups.
  • “You’ll have to stop digging in your nose in front of Mia. She says it’s fine because you do it.” — A text I sent to the mother. She responded with 4 characters.

  • I have this new trick with Mia when she does not want to do something.. I ask: “the easy way or the hard way?” and then, “what’s the easy way?”: “I do it”, “what’s the hard way?”: “daddy does it for me”. Some think it’s kinda cruel to teach a 3yo this kind of logic.. but it works very well.
  • Sunday, tea, breakfast.. Mia now takes 6 supplements with breakfast, I’m on 4, Kung Fu Panda, gym, swim, smoothie at Crush.. try the banana cinnamon shake, toy shop.. we needed new swimming goggles, Mouille Point playground.. to check out the kites, painting with watercolour, Incredibles, dropped Mia off with her mom, Andy’s, Lord Charles with Andy, Debby and Ingi for a nice bottle of wine, Col’cachio in Camps Bay for a groovy designer pizza and bottle of Rustenberg cab, tea.
  • “My mother does not think.. next topic” — Debby

  • “So I’m good for the next 15000km” — Andy after his mother made him go to church on Sunday.

  • “We’ll build new ring roads to go nowhere in particular” — Fuel, Catatonia.. check out Cerys Matthews

Have a fun week kids.