Two Dots

I was at a braai recently with a number of media geeks. I found two things interesting..

1) At some point I mentioned that I used to work for a newspaper company. I had the feeling this somehow made them think.. aahw, he feels our pain. *grin*

2) In one of the conversations, somebody mentioned that she’s not sure what this “two dot thing” is.. it’s not an ellipsis and it’s not a comma. I realised I’m one of those two dot people.

An ellipsis consists of exactly three dots called ellipsis points, not two.. and usually has spaces or brackets around it. An ellipsis indicates the omission or suppression of parts of words or sentences.

I use the “two dot thing” very often, especially in my quick update weekly bullet lists.

I’m not sure why I like it, but it seems to just work for me. I’m no English language expert but I’ll try and figure out why it works.

In condensed text where a comma delimits events I use the two dot thing to add a comment or extend my description of an event.

Wednesday, IS data centre tour with Ed.. my little hobby: DC tours, ISPA workshop about Seacom and DFA, a beer and an interesting chat with Henk, gave a talk about Lifestyle Design at the Facelook event.. group of about 30 people, a welcome back dinner party with Cath, Parri, Georg and Steff.. Andy cooked a really good Thai meal.

I sometimes use it like a comma, but it seems to indicate that an idea ended.. a chain of thought ended, but I’m starting a new related chain of thought in the same sentence.

I have no idea if this makes any sense, but I’ll just make peace with the idea that I’m a two dot person.

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