Quick Update

Making my housemates famous, it seems..

  • Monday, tea, Ingi made Spirulina and Tahini smoothies, cruised down Kloof Street with Andrew, found the only Cape Storm shop that seems to sell kids stuff and got Mia a pink fleece, visited the music store, visited Christo, a few beers at Relish.. nice rainy view of Cape Town, dinner at Rick’s.
  • “The soccer bib makes the car guard”

  • Tuesday, sunny day.. Lions Head meeting with Ingi, took a walk to Camps Bay and got Mia some new shades at Rainbow.. the little bikini shop where the girls from soccer work (we get a discount), soccer at La Med.. I scored 2 goals, drinks with the soccer crew, Ings made a nice veggie meal, Julep with Ingi, Andy and Kristy, to watch Pierre play and bumped into Sam.. wild evening.. funky jazz tunes, we were still dancing at around 3am.
  • “So, what’s this I head about your sister sleeping with the soccer team?” — Spencer, to Adon.. interesting how rumours spread and people assume things, haha.

  • Weird how I find notes on my phone which I can’t remember making and which make no sense.
  • I like Beagles. If I had to get a dog I’d get Mia a Beagle.
  • What awesome Cape Town winter days. Champaigne sunny days.
  • Wednesday, designed a tag for WAPA members to stick on their radio equipment, visited the Teraco offices in Claremont, awesome nap, we had Andy’s family over for a braai.. I made cous-cous salad.. for the first time ever.
  • “Don’t take it any easier” — My advice to Andy and Ingi who were on Llandudno beach when I left the office at 15:00.

  • “What is worn under the kilt? Nothing is warn under the kilt.. it’s all in perfect working order.” — Andy’s aunt about his new kilt.

  • “Boyfriend? What does that matter in this day and age” — Andrew’s progressive view on relationships.

  • “I feel like such a parent” — I told Andrew as Ingi left the house to go on a date.

  • I have no idea how the conversation turned to this topic, but I figured out my “total number of people you have slept with?” figure is a bit below the average. By like an order of magnitude.
  • The Dept of Communications now recognises the ISPA as an official Industry Representative Body. I have hope for the new minister.
  • Thursday, a run to Glen Beach, ISPA general meeting with Ingi, Buena Vista with Kirsty and Andy, we met Ingi’s “bicycle fixer”, a few beers at Baraza with Pierre and Andy.
  • Seems we have a new case of “Free Kevin”.. Free Pete!.. the ISPA is flying in Peter Sunde to talk at iWeek.
  • Friday, car service, Mia time, Beta Beach walk with Mia, her mom and sister.. Beta Road play park, watched Treasure Planet, tuna couscous salad, bath, stories, sleep.
  • “Honest, charming, articulate and ruthless” — Something I heard on the radio about a politician lady.

  • The Audi garage has hot chocolate again.. I only had to ask three times.
  • Saturday, tea, puzzles, gym, swim, De Waal Park, visited Georg’s new High Cape place, Jurie has this nifty party trick where he gives people VitB12 shots, Beta Beach sundowners.
  • “Depression is anger without enthusiasm” — Georg

  • “There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.” — Oogway, Kung Fu Panda

  • Sunday, word game puzzles, Kung Fu Panda, coca leaf tea from Peru, Lions Head walk with Mia and Ingi, gym, swim, chai tea and french toast at Crush.. yum, nap, games, dropped Mia off, fetched Mia’s new Leapfrog Tag toy from Ramsey in Gordon’s Bay, grabbed a pizza at Limoncello, red wine and Black Hawk Down.. best war movie ever.
  • “Hooah” — BHD

  • Tune of the week: Easy, Groove Armada

Hey, it’s Monday, the start of a whole new week..