Vendor Summary

I went to this Westcon Data Centre technology workshop thing this morning and listened to a few vendors give their data centre strategy presentations. The very short and sweet summary:

3com : Plumbing

Cisco : Arrogant

Juniper : Carrier Class

Huawei Symantec : WTF?

APC : Nobody showed up

2 thoughts on “Vendor Summary

  1. “APC : Nobody showed up”

    I like APC’s InfraStruxure racks and accessories. They’re really well-designed and it all clips together in seconds. The only problem is, just as you said, getting them to “show up”: my experience is that you have to order 3/4/5 months in advance of when you actually need the racks.

    Oh, and it’s quite pricey. But it’s still nice….

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