Quick Update

Mostly an Open Spectrum week..

  • Monday, tea with Sven, new OSA website look and FB group, burger at Jamaica me Crazy with Jonathan.
  • Join the Open Spectrum Facebook group to show your support for progressive and efficient frequency spectrum management in South Africa.. 40 people so far.
  • Hub. End. Fuckit. More interesting less political battles to fight.
  • “Other people are not like us” — Jonathan, about digital privacy

  • Tuesday, gym, swim, ISPA photoshoot and media lunch at the Radisson hotel, nap, kicked a rugby ball around Camps Bay while the Tri club ran around us, ISPA dinner at Sevruga with Ingi.
  • Tuesday was the 5 yr anniversary of the first photo I took of Naulene.
  • Wednesday, WAPA exco meeting and WAPA general meeting at Asara in Stellenbosch, nice weather, beautiful venue, a productive first OSA meeting, got home and fell into bed.
  • “We are the people we have been waiting for” — Steve Song

  • Thursday, Knead hot dogs with Chris, walked up Lions Head with Andy, Signal Hill, beer at HQ (heritage square), dinner at Simply Asia, watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona again.. Woody should have called this movie.. Crazy Bitch Barcelona.
  • Seems Dr. Ernst will be in SA again from July.. only snag is he will be in Jozi.
  • Friday, chewed through some email, Mia time, Beta Beach session, Kung Fu Panda, Tuna pasta salad.
  • Saturday, tea, rusks, Horton, gym, swim, smoothie, rugby at Lauren and Marco’s, big lunch.. awesome ribs, nice Sterhuis Chardonnay, party at Bev’s.
  • Sunday, 4am.. could not sleep so I remembered to go register facebook.com/joebotha, tea, rusks, Kung Fu Panda, Mia and I made fresh juice, gym, swim, smoothie and wheat grass shot, painting, Mouille Point playground, ham-dogs (burgers with hotdog rolls), watched Big Trouble again, watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3.. and it sucked.
  • A while ago we met some cool people at Julep.. Andy, Ingi and I were out on the town. These people also lived in a house together. I think it would be cool to coordinate more house-parties.
  • ~450 Stalkbook friends

Have a fun week kids.