Quick Update


  • Monday, tea, rusks, Andy made porridge, puppet show, tea and cupcakes at A is for Apple.. we like the cute lady that works there, aquarium visit, gym, swim, dropped Mia off, Steers burger.. real bachelor food, to the office.. bit of a day in reverse in some ways, WordPress 2.8 upgrade.
  • Tuesday, gym, smoothie, wheat grass shot, to the office for some out of phase work.. managed to clear all my inboxes for the first time in months, sunset drinks with Ingi, Marcia and Andy at the cable car contour road spot, Julia Jacobsen at the Waiting Room.. good show.
  • Much more flow in working out of phase. Try it.
  • Cape Town live music event planning annoys me. People say.. we are playing “tonight”. No time. You get there and the person taking your money tells you the show starts at 21:00. The show starts at 21:45. Muppets. I get that people are late and they want you to buy more drinks, but just say 21:00 for 21:30 like the rest of the world.
  • “Do you want to go for an AIDS test” — Ingi, how she woke us up on Wednesday morning.

  • “I have ravers back” — Ingi, about being a bit stiff.

  • “When you go to bed 3 pages, when you go to the loo 2 pages” — Andy, about getting people to read more.

  • Good to see a few people in my friend/peer group having children. Congrats Henk. I’m also thinking of Lauren and Ramsey. Get on with it people, we need a few more geeks.
  • Amusing. If you email customercare@flysaa.com you get an “Acknowledgement of Receipt” email back.. but there is no tracking/ticket number so you can’t follow up.. I’m pretty sure this is by design.
  • Wednesday, walked from Bakoven to Clifton 1, watched The Beach again.
  • Thursday, Lions Head meeting with Dave, kicked a rugby ball on Llandudno beach with Andy.
  • Received two public speaking invites this week.. iWeek and Wireless Broadband World Africa 2009.
  • Friday, Lions Head walk with Debby, Ingi and Andy, very nice breakfast and fresh juice, fetched Mia, clothes shopping for Mia.. who passed out in the car on the way back.. early night.
  • We drove past a McDonnals and Mia said: “That’s a Mia”.. well, yes, M for Mia. M for Monolith Burger.
  • Saturday, fresh juice and pretzels, we met Guni.. Ingi’s sister, gym, swim, smoothie, company (rose) garden, mini full monty at Daily Deli, the Book Lounge, picked up some R28 Eikendal wooded Chardonnay.. good deal, watched the test rugby with Georg.. good game, burgers at Georg’s, bath, reading, sleep.
  • Sunday, tea, Kung Fu Panda, fathers day waffles with fruit salad, gym, swim, smoothie, planetarium, dropped Mia off, Steers burger, office.
  • It’s been a busy OSA week.
  • Po: Uh… level zero? How about that, level zero?
    Shifu: [chuckles] There is no such thing as level zero.
    Shifu: [after watching Po getting beat up by the obstacle course] There is now a level zero.

  • I think I’m feeling the next evolution… a new chapter, it’s my birthday soon, I need a new challenge.. last time I had this feeling was around 2004.