Quick Update

Twenty two bottles of wine on the wall.. or added to the house’s recycling system this week..

  • Monday, meeting with Tim about the NSBI (new scary big idea).. I suspect he thinks I’m a bit nuts, camera shopping, Audi meeting with Chris.. we saw the new v10 R8 which just arrived that day (makes a nice noise), a run from Bakoven to Glen Beach with Ingi, Ingi made a fire in the fireplace.. first one of the season, Chardonnay, hot chocolate.
  • Funny, people bug me to find out about my new project.. I seem to get two responses.. 1) uhm, ok, sure, nice and 2) wow, awesome. I’m thinking the type 1 people get it, but they don’t see the impact.
  • Tuesday, hot chocolate with Nikki at Vida in Camps Bay, Stellenbosch traffic dept to go renew my drivers license, visit to the Amobia Stellenbosch office, visited Mia.. tea at Andy’s parent’s house, dinner at Cath’s with Brandon and Ingi.
  • “Porn is like music, there is something for everybody.” — Brandon

  • Ingi got mugged, she’s OK, but her bag is gone.
  • “Ingi’s camera.. where good photos go to die.” — about Ingi taking lots of photos but not publishing them.

  • “Truth is free, but information costs.” — Anonymous, well.. me, about my NSBI

  • I’ve rediscovered podcasts on.. my mobile phone, using my bluetooth car kit. Mostly ZAtech show.
  • Wednesday, gym, swim, smoothie, email scrubbing, Kink with Cath.. to plan our birthday bash.. and she wanted to know how the Internet worked (*grin*), a Simply Asia supper.
  • I received a “media” invite to a Gartner event.
  • Thursday, Sandy Bay hike to the wreck, boerewors and mash for dinner, 2nd half of the banana banana game at Dizzy’s.. I don’t like watching soccer, but this was not too bad.
  • I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on an HP550 laptop for Debby and it worked perfectly, no snags.. I guess Linux really is for everybody now.
  • “It’s not that we don’t have success. We don’t even have failures. We have nothing.” — from Sarah Rice’s feed, about entrepreneurship in SA.. amusing.

  • I seem to have developed a bit of a nail balm obsession.
  • Friday, Camps Bay walk, dinner with Debby, Ingi, Marcia, Georg and Andy.. fillet, mash and 11 bottles of wine for the night, Fokofpolisiekar at Mercury with Georg.. awesome show.
  • Check out the movie.. quality entertainment in the hedonist calendar.
  • “Reminds me of my first Walkman” — Marcia, about MJ, RIP

  • “As jy regtig wil weet, vra die main bra.” — Georg, bumping into Franscois in the bathroom and asking him when the show starts.

  • “Kan iemand dalk ‘n god bel, en vir hom sê ons het hom nie meer nodig nie.” — Hemel Op Die Platteland, Fokofpolisiekar

  • Saturday, a mountain of dishes to wash, 2nd SA-Lions rugby test at Carlyles with Andy, Georg and Rachel.. awesome game, Fireman’s Arms with Rachel, 27Dinner.. nice Stormhoek Riesling.. nice chats with Elodie, Rafiq and Graham, I did a quick open mic talk to pimp the OSA project, Porn Star Martini at Asoka with Cath.
  • “Express the need” — Graham Knox, about making things useful for people.

  • Seems many of my friends are a bit skint at the moment. Interesting times.
  • “I think I’m about as attractive as a pile of dog poo at the moment, having no money and about to move back in with my parents” — Andrew, about being attractive relationship material.

  • Sunday, fetched Mia, lunch at Deer Park with Georg, Beta Beach walk and playground session.
  • Ever have the feeling that somehow you just want to hug somebody (in particular), but you cant? Two days in a row.

Have a fun week.