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The Last Moloko Song

Over and Over — Moloko, Statues.

I love this song. It’s an epic 9:54min masterpiece.

Statues, their 4th and final studio album, released in 2003, was made after Mark and Roisin’s breakup. The whole Statues album is good. The first track, Familiar Feeling is awesome, but Over and Over is spectacular.

Roisin’s vocals make you think it’s a song from a girl’s perspective.. but I think these are Mark’s words.

“The songs were mostly autobiographical,” Murphy says, “so it was bound to be emotional.”

I love the way about 7min into the song, it stops and continues again.. as if to say.. it’s never over.

The strings arrangement in this song seems so meticulously put together. I get the idea Mark knew that this would be the last song. His legacy. He knew he would never find somebody like Roisin again.

“Like a frozen tidal wave
Since that day I’m standing still
You brought me here and I accept
Though you regret I never will

Just one sweet word
And then a smile from you
Is almost worth everything
I’ve given all I had to give
But you gave up giving in

You are everywhere I go
All the places we have been
I can’t imagine where you are
For you are all I’ve ever seen

Over and over…..”

Pet Hate: Suggest Something

One of my little pet hates.. people who say “No”, but don’t suggest an alternative.


This often happens when you propose an idea or you propose a meeting time. Drives me up the wall when people respond with only “I don’t like it” or “Can’t make it”.

Please, share your ideas or suggest something better.

Forward momentum people!

I’ve written about this before.

Moving Hosting Back to SA

In the last weeks I’ve talked to a few people who were looking at moving their hosting back to South Africa. Their traffic costs in the US are usually about 20 times cheaper than in SA.

I watched this Summit TV interview with Tim today.

Around 4:56 in, the question comes up about moving hosting back to SA. Now, the major reason you would want to do this is to better serve your customers in SA and maybe some patriotic angle about keeping SA money in SA.

I don’t agree that international traffic costs are the main issue. We want cheaper local and inter-metro connectivity. This is where Telkom is still killing us.

Connectivity between Joburg and Cape Town is more expensive than Cape Town to London. Neotel have not done much about it.. in fact they are more expensive than Telkom at the moment (Neolink 4Mbps JHB – CPT @ R72875 pm). Infraco could help.. assuming they only get an ECNS licence (and not ECS). MTN, Neotel and DFA seem to be digging their own national fibre and should complete this before the end of the year.. let’s hope they don’t price it at 5% less than Telkom.

If we can get local connectivity costs right.. make it at least 20 times cheaper, I think it would make sense for more people to host in SA.

Quick Update

Just another winters week..

  • Monday, played with Mia’s Leapfrog Tag toy.. yes, software works with OS X, put up a basic website for the Open Spectrum Alliance, spinning.
  • “What’s for you will not pass you by” — Familiar Feeling, Moloko

  • Tuesday, Lions Head meeting, kicked a rugby ball around the field below La Med, nice home cooked dinner, read up about Carrier Ethernet.. and totally forgot about the GeekDinner.
  • “Do you have sex music?” — Ingi, busy making compilation CDs after her breakup

  • “Inside every working anarchy, there’s an old-boy network.” — Mitch Kapor

  • Wednesday, haircut at Bianca’s, a sunset run along the cable car contour road with Andy and Ingi, Amobia meeting.. I waxed a large portion of ribs.. stuffed.
  • “The cold-hearted boy I used to be..” — All These Things That I’ve Done, The Killers, probably their best song.

  • “YOU are funny. You’re not a family guy. You’re Joe. You’re a great single dad. You were a bit of a crap partner.” — Naulene.. there you have it.

  • Thursday, uber juice with broccoli and goji berries, checked out A is for Apple (the kids book store) and got Mia a cool book, watched Chaos Theory.. not bad, nice home cooked dinner.
  • “I don’t often listen to my body, but when it tells me I’m thirsty …” — Andrew, while running.

  • Helped plan a founding meeting for OSA.
  • I sent ~800 emails in May, which is about double the April figure.
  • “What’s for lupper?” — Ingi, about weird meal times

  • I felt a bit bad about having 4 traffic fines outstanding.. until I mentioned it to a friend who claims to have 31.
  • Wow, it’s June.. 1/2 the year gone.. that was quick.
  • Friday, painful process of drafting and agreeing to a custody and maintenance document (only took a year to get to draft 3), Mia time, watched Kung Fu Panda, couscous salad, played with Mia’s new toys, hot choc, sleep.
  • Saturday, tea, Incredibles, gym, swim, painting, Beta Beach sunset walk, pasta salad.
  • Remember kids, always use some hand cream after washing the dishes. As Ingi says your hands give away your age.
  • Sunday, tea, gym.. bumped into Gaby, swim, wholesome Sunday lunch at Vredenheim with Mia, Ramsey, Debby, Adrian etc, played 30sec at Debby’s, dropped Mia off, salad at Da Vinci’s, Asoka.. Wallaby sunday.
  • I don’t get signatures. The pen and paper type. Does anybody ever check them? Seems so last century.
  • “Not only in love, I was obsessed” — Simple Kind Of Life, No Doubt

  • “I’ve knitted a scarf” — Andy, about Debby knitting in a bar

Have a fun week.