Quick Update

Mostly home alone this week..

  • Monday, tea, fresh juice, watched some Spungebob, gym, swim, smoothie, bunny chow at Knead, took Hilda some flowers for her birthday, pancakes at Jimmy’s with Mia and her mother, tea and dinner at Andrew’s mom’s.
  • “her sister from another mister” — Andrew

  • Tuesday, gym, swim, veggie soup at Georg’s, watched Cloverfield.. lame, but amusing.
  • Stating the obvious, but man, Megan Fox is hot.
  • Wednesday, presented at the Wireless Broadband World Africa conference, a run to Clifton, pasta and red wine.
  • “It’s like those Vietnamese kids who used to rewrap chewing gum, looks new, but it’s the same shit” — Andy, about his love for Windows Vista

  • Texas spent a cold wet night outside after beating up his sister.
  • Thursday, I read about Elon Musk, early Beta Beach walk, Ingi baked fresh scones, OSA meeting, Lions Head meeting and Signal Hill visit with Ingi, NSBI meeting #4, hot dogs, Stormhoek wine and icecream.
  • “Cushion syndrome.. they take the shape of the last person who sat on them” — Steve Song, about people who bend in the wind to please the crowd

  • “We need some excitement.. come on Joe, bring some girls home, I want to wake up and bump into somebody other than Mia in a pink dressing gown” — Ingi

  • Friday, gym, smoothie, Mia time, Beta Beach walk, Bug’s Life, Joe’s tuna pasta deluxe and icecream, bath, Olivia books, sleep.
  • “She’s a funny girl” — Mia, about her mother

  • Saturday, tea, Incredibles, stories and cupcakes at The Book Lounge, gym, swim, 4 loads of washing, Beta Beach walk, watched Open Season 2, bath, read two Olivia books, sleep.
  • Somebody complained about the order in which my photos are sorted, so I fixed that. Happy?
  • “Choose not the life of imitation” — RHCP, Can’t stop

  • Sunday, tea, gym, swim, smoothie, awesome weather, Michael the Lion at the Planetarium, Mouille Point playground, bumped into Gaby at Neo, tea with Thomas at Melissas (Kloof), dropped Mia off, beer, fish and chips with Georg at Quays Four, watched Bruno.. brilliant!
  • “the rise of house music and the fall of apartheid, coincidence?, I think not.” — Naulene, from the Sunday Times entertainment section (updated)

..are we having fun yet?

3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. erm, I believe the quote came from the sunday times entertainment section and it actually said, ” the rise of club music and the fall of apartheid – coincidence or not?” psych drugs have been around for ages……

  2. I complained about your ass backwards order of your photos, and yes, now they are indeed more browseable… thank you for pleasing the Virgo :)

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