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The SA version of..

I often hear people talking about their groovy new Web 2.0 startup idea.. and then saying it’s like the South African version of <insert famous web service>.

People.. that’s just lame.

Surely the web does not care where in the world you are. I can understand that it seems safe choosing a business model which has worked and adding a .za at the end.. but it’s also a sure way to make sure it will never be a global business.

ps. OK, the only exception I’ve found is maybe Muti. I like Muti. I still think my statement above is true though.. since I don’t think Muti has a business model (-;

Quick Update

Let’s try and write this on Sunday for a change. A week of teleconferencing..

  • Monday, WAPA interviews, ISPA mancom teleconference, walked to the Clifton rocks, nice home cooked dinner, watched Shallow Grave again with Andy and Ingi (-;
  • “David Stephens: You paid 500 pounds for this?
    Juliet Miller: That’s what it cost, David.
    David Stephens: No, no, that’s what you paid for it. 500 pounds is what you paid for it. We don’t know how much it cost us yet. For you two to have a good time, we don’t know the cost of that yet.”
    — Shallow Grave

  • Tuesday, Lions Head walk, lunch with Gerjo at Wembley, beer and pizza with Georg and Parri at Carlyle’s, interesting news about a certain Bettys Weekend.
  • Wednesday, I woke up thinking.. I know now what I want and how to get it, WAPA exco teleconference, nap, The Grid party at Neighbourhood with Jonathan, Cath, Brandon etc.
  • Thursday, ISPA PR working group teleconference, had a bit of a moment about FICA rules, Mia time, Beta Beach walk, tea, ideas and avo burgers with Jonathan.
  • Spray-on plaster is awesome.
  • I figure avo on wholewheat toast is one of my all time top 5 meals. Works for breakfast, lunch or supper.
  • “I want Juliet”. “Much louder”. — Mia’s most frequent car music instructions.

  • Friday, gym, swim, Crush cinnamon banana smoothie and health muffin, spend the afternoon with Cath (the birthday girl) and Mia, lunch at Wang Thai in V&A.. nice view of the harbour, a very good cup of Earl Grey at Shawn’s house, tea and cupcakes at Lazari.
  • “The children are in charge” — Mia

  • “The fool might be my middle name” — R.E.M.

  • Saturday, tea, watched Madagascar 2 again, Ingi painted Mia’s toenails, a very civilised cup of tea with Naulene at Manuka, Will’s extended birthday lunch in Somerset West.. always good fun, nice to see everybody again.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, Crush cinnamon banana smoothie and bran muffin, watched Ice Age 3 at the V&A.. Mia liked it.. (her 2nd big screen movie) I figured it was OK.. a bit b-rate compared to something like Monsters, Inc. Home made gourmet burgers and Chardonnay with Georg in Bakoven, bath, reading, sleep.. blogging.
  • I was swimming with Mia at the gym today when Martin suggested we should train and swim to Robben Island.. 7km, ~3h, 14deg, a bit scary.. I’m thinking about it.

Have a fun week.

Quick Update

Where do I start, where do I begin?.. a week with Mia.. and I turned 32.

  • Monday, tea, rusks, watched Matilda.. pretty good, A is for Apple for the puppet show and cupcakes, office.. not very successful with Mia but she likes the penguin soft toys, gym, swim, Knead pizza, Beta Beach walk, supper with Jonathan, bath, sleep.
  • Tuesday, gym, swim, Crush smoothies and biltong, big red open top bus ride around Cape Town (red route), stopped in Camps Bay for some Sinful icecream, Mouille Point playground, supper at Camps Bay Kauai and a walk on the beach, watercolour painting, bath, read an Olivia book, sleep.
  • “It’s the time of your life so live it well” — A Bugs Life, song at the end of the movie

  • Wednesday, gym, swim, smoothie, Rainbow store where the soccer girls work to buy Mia her first bikini, Sinful icecream, Beta Beach walk.
  • My Twitter stats: Total updates: 1 (only 4 characters), Following: 0, Followers: 16.. it was a joke people.
  • “Quality isn’t job one. Being totally fucking amazing is job one” —

  • All Mia wants to listen to in the car is jacSharp: Tonight, like 5 times a day and she loves singing along.
  • Thursday, gym, swim.. with the new green polka dot bikini, Crush muffin and banana cinnamon shake, vitB shot at Wellness Warehouse, Book Lounge visit, haircut at B’s.. Mia just had a trim.
  • Friday, tea, rusks, gym, swim, smoothie, dropped Mia off, opened a bank account, joint Kink birthday bash with Cath, Ingi baked awesome chocolate cakes, ended up at Steven’s place.. bit of a blur, but fun. Listened to The Time is Now.. best birthday song ever.
  • Funny how the world is classed by money.. interesting the requirements for opening different types of bank accounts.
  • Birthdays always create a bit of a sense of mortality.. who will miss you if you fall off the face of the earth tomorrow?
  • “It’s easy to be honest, just lie” — Spotted at Kink

  • “Nobody is as nervous as Annelie’s boyfriend” — About the body, who wears a pen in her cleavage.

  • Saturday, got up at 12:00, puked, got up at 14:00, rugby at Mitchell’s with Georg and Rachel, burger at Hudsons with Georg and Jess.. bumped into Nikki and David, Neighborhood, Jack&Knox Riesling.. of which I found a case in my boot.
  • “At the moment I’m unfocusing” — David Donde

  • “She has a face like a speedbump” — Andrew, about a waitress at Neigborhood, which I thought was pretty cute

  • Sunday, Camps Bay walk, Stella’s 1st birthday party at Matt’s house in Hout Bay, afternoon on the dunes above Sandy Bay.. a very relaxed Sunday.
  • A good read.
  • Justin told me that the MyBroadband reader numbers are not growing. Interesting.
  • I’ve published about 5000 photos so far in 2009.

Have a fun week kids.