Quick Update

Yes, yes, this is very late. Did you think I switched to micro blogging?.. nope, I was just busy.

  • Monday, dropped Mia off at playschool, visited Will to chat about a wireless network project, fetched Mia from school, lunch at Andrew’s mom’s, Burger at Jamaica Me Crazy with Georg.
  • Made up my mind that I will not be standing for re-election to the ISPA management committee in September. It was fun and I learned a lot, but I need a new challenge.
  • Andrew moved to Somerset West. I kinda miss feeding the cats in the morning.
  • Tuesday, haircut at B’s, afternoon walking around Stellenbosch playing with the 50D, Amobia meeting at CTFM.
  • Amobia has partnered with a major SA ISP providing the wireless network for one of their wireless access services, can’t say much now but it’s looking promising.
  • “Beware the little irritations, for they will drive you over the edge.” — Thomas

  • Wednesday, lunch with Chris at Crush, GeekDinner at the Pasta Factory, I gave a talk about Spectrum 2.0 and the OSA.
  • “Why do you hate freedom?” — Somebody at the GeekDinner

  • Bryn mentioned this. Looks interesting.
  • “You look good in pink, Joe.” – Cath, about wearing one of Mia’s tops around my neck.

  • I now have a pink iPod nano.. I figure it will be passed on to Mia at some point.
  • Thursday, setup a micro blog WP with P2, upgraded the firmware on the 50D, shopping at the Lifestyle Centre, roast chicken avo burgers and Kevin Arnold shiraz with Jonathan, wrote the 700-floor elevator pitch for TF, Caol Ila and photo geek talk.
  • Nice to go from 20% to 80% knowledge on a topic.. photography. That’s the fun curve.
  • Friday, Spirulina smoothie, lunch with Cath at Sideplate (Rouge on Rose).. I had heart shaped mushroom filled ravioli, fetched my drivers license in Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, a glass of Sauvignon with Andy, made burgers with Georg.
  • Saturday, tea, Kung Fu Panda, smoothie, Paarl outing with Mia and Georg, Fairview wine and cheese tasting, Taal Monument, Nederburg visit, De Waal park, Rugby at Carlyle’s.. good game, while Mia and Ingi baked gingerbread men, bath, reading, 12hour sleep.
  • Sunday, tea and rusks, Spirulina smoothie.. which Mia seems to like, gym, swim, crush berry smoothie, SA museum.. not bad, tea with Thomas at Neo, Naulene fetched Mia, Beta Beach photos, some fail party planning, Baraza with Andy.. it rocked, all the groovy Camps Bay kids were out.
  • “Yes, those are stupendous and I don’t often use that word.” — Andy, about a girl in Baraza.

  • Attraction is not voluntary. Maybe obvious, but interesting.

Next week will follow within the hour.