Quick Update

Mostly a Gartner conference week..

  • Monday, Gartner Symposium at CTICC, tea with Cath, drinks at Daddy Cool with the Gartner journos.. they can party, met Samantha Perry from Brainstorm.
  • “What is your meaning of winning?” — Chantell Ilbury

  • “With great power comes great responsibility” — Will Hahn, the lesson in most comic books

  • “What does it mean to live in a world where you can’t trust software quality?” — Nick Jones

  • “Software development is not an engineering problem, it’s a knowledge acquisition problem. Software is a social process, it’s a journey. The only significant impact made on improving software development has been to take on smaller projects.” — Nick Jones

  • Tuesday, nothing to report.
  • Wednersday, Gartner day 3, my first press interview.. as the press, walked around the V&A, figured out I should run in a neutral shoe, got a pair of Bowerman series Vomero +4’s, got a Springbok rugby jersey, pizza at Da Vinci’s (Kloof st) and a beer at Asoka with Georg.
  • I used to think being a tech journalist would be cool, but after this week they seem to be a bit stressed and work way too hard.
  • I’ve taken about 1000 pics with the 50D and I still need to read the manual.
  • Thursday, TF teleconf, watched Step Brother.. pretty good.
  • Friday, tea with Branko and Max at Neo, Mia time, we made smoothies, Beta Beach walk, boerewors rolls for supper, bath, reading, sleep.
  • “It’s about doing well and doing good.” — Max

  • “the smartest guy in the room”, nice saying if it wasn’t for that Enron movie

  • Saturday, gym, swim, smoothie, got Mia her first bicycle with helmet and elbow/knee pads and her 3rd car seat, SA-AU rugby at Newlands, while Mia and Ingi baked, I was stuck in traffic while Mia had a candle light aromatherapy bath, the cupcakes were a bit solid, but healthy and well decorated.
  • Sunday, a very domestic morning, attempted to resuscitate our swimming pool, assembled Mia’s bike, gym, swim, got a new Olivia book (O helps with xmas) for Mia, Beta Beach walk, watched Antz, roast chicken and avo burgers, strawberries and full cream strawberry yoghurt.. a very Mia dessert, bath, reading, sleep, blogging.
  • “Don’t worry, I know almost exactly what I’m doing” — Antz

I figure August is a fitness month.