Quick Update

A cross-training week..

  • Monday, watched Antz again, a visit to the Nike factory shop, lunch at Melissas in Newlands, got a new squash racket (let’s play?), dropped Mia off, dinner at Will’s.. good Pad Thai, very nice bottle of Saxenburg Private Collection Merlot 2004 (reminds me of Balduci’s in 2004) and a Cape Wine Makers Guild 1998 Pinotage from Corina’s collection.
  • “They are clever, but not together.” — Will, about IA.

  • I now have a pair of FiveFingers, maybe a bit dorky, but different and fun, I should take them up Lions Head soon.
  • “Wow Joe, I think you are doing a great job. It’s not easy to be a weekend father I reckon. You are really giving Mia the opportunity to get to know her father and a special kind of freedom not many children are able to have.” — Kind words.

  • Tuesday, spinning, TF branding research.
  • “Ingi can have my body for free… Oh, right, um,…how much is she willing to buy it for?” — About selling a DSLR body

  • Wednesday, WAPA exco meeting, a run, dinner party at the Cape Royale with Cath, Parri and Georg.. food, fun and friends.
  • Thursday, woke up in a 5 star hotel.. with that “where am I” feeling, ISPA PR WG meeting, fetched my new lens and waterproof camera, TF meeting.
  • Friday, tea with Maz at Neo, Orms visit, squash with Matt, Hudsons with Georg, Kink.. bumped into Gerjo.
  • Saturday, visited the De Waterkant market where Ingi “girl”ed a stall, gym, swim, tea with Thomas at Melissas (Kloof), a walk on Bantry Bay beach with Bella and Alexander (k9), sushi and Chardonnay with Thomas.
  • The five finger shoes really work well for walking on rocks.
  • Sunday, up at 5am.. mind was just too busy to sleep, watched G-Force with Mia.. OK, shopping, extended braai at Andy’s, beers with Georg in Camps Bay.
  • Holiday in Spain is a great open road song.

Have a fun week.

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