Quick Update

A week of birthday parties..

  • Monday, upgraded my blog farm to 2.8.4, survived my first (Kundalini) yoga class.
  • Tuesday, heavy rain, gym, spinning.
  • Seems Ingi got engaged a while ago.
  • Wednesday, fetched my 5DmkII, a run to Bantry Bay.
  • When you start playing with a 5D at 16mm, it kinda makes you see the world at a wider angle.
  • Started reading The Game, I like his writing style.
  • Thursday, sent an interesting proposal about Amobia Wifi, ISPA PR telecon, squash with Matt in Camps Bay, TF telecon, beer and tequila with Georg and Parri.
  • Friday, breakfast with Chris at Neo, shopping, squash game with Matt, Mia time, Jonathan’s birthday party at Pancho’s.. many frozen Margarita’s.
  • Saturday, Matt’s birthday brunch, Deer Park with Georg.
  • “If you only do your job you will get fired” — Dave Duarte

  • “I like your shoes Daddy” — Mia, about the FiveFinger shoes

  • “When you have a pair of well worn slops it’s usually an indication of a good lifestyle.” — Chris, about Capetonians

  • Sunday, swimming with Mia.. underwater photos, dropped Mia off.

Have a fun week.

4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I said the flip flops comment first ! :) was saying the more you are able to wear them and the more pairs you get through a year, the better your lifestyle :)

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