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Quick Update

These are not just memories, notes and quotes from Joe's week, this is better..

  • Monday, hmm.. can't find Monday in my notes.
  • Tuesday, gym, photo printing, training day for Media24, TF meeting
  • Wed, CTSP day3, lunch with Cath, tea with Chris, gym, smoothy with Vinny.. basically a whole day at Wembley Square, drinks with Aiden and Andy.
  • "You know what I've noticed, there's bunny boiler in all of us." -- Aiden

  • "Cape Town cooks your brain slowly, and your morals quickly." -- Aiden

  • "Time is a loaded gun." -- Coldplay

  • Thursday, braai at home with Georg.
  • Friday, Audi MVP day.. drove to Noordhoek and back via Chapmans in a TT, lunch at the Cape Grace, Mia time, sundowners at the Radisson.
  • Saturday, watched Ratatouille.. good movie, gym, swim, Jaime's 3rd bday party in ssw.. Andy jumped into the pool to save a little girl, braai with Debby.. nice fillet.
  • "..the new needs friends." -- Ratatouille

  • Sunday, tea, watched Ratatouille again, lunch and a pony ride in Tokai, dropped Mia off, dinner at Debby and Paul's in Stellenbosch.. very good broccoli pasta with Simonsig Tiana, watched The Wrestler, had some Absinthe from Prague.
  • "Satan and his sidekick in a drop-top" -- Marcia, don't think I've been called a sidekick recently.

  • "I know you boys are Afrikaans, but I'm not going to dish up for you." -- Debby, to Paul and I.

  • "You know how I know?: I often dream about her." -- Paul, about relationships.. the one who got away.

Remember kids: living well is the best revenge.. "long live life".

Quick Update

A Joburg trip and some live music photography..

  • Monday, photo processing, Glen Beach walk, nice salad with Ingi and Saxenburg Private collection Shiraz, watched Layer Cake.. good movie.
  • "Always remember, the art of good business is being a good middleman." -- Layer Cake

  • Tuesday, WAPA exco meeting, walked around Long Street, tapas at Fork with Ingi, ice cream at Sinful, got new beach bats at Rainbow, nap, soccer at La Med.
  • Wednesday, CTSP day2, flew to JHB, good catch-up time with Dr. Ernst, we had dinner at the Westcliff Hotel.. nice pool area overlooking the Joburg Zoo, good Mulderbosch Chardonnay, best Sole I've had in about 5 years, single malt whisky drinking session.
  • I was not impressed when the CTSP class photo of the week was of a pot of golden syrup when I took photos of probably the hottest girl at RTD. Anybody can take a photo of syrup.
  • "Bring my wit safari pak, 20 sigarette en 'n tub Kentucky" -- Ernst

  • Good to see the good doctor, not only because he can write prescriptions.. we seem to be in a very similar boat with relationships.
  • Thursday, Protea hotel sucked.. staff seemed very confused, drove past my high school.. Menlo Park, training day for Media24 in Pretoria.. on online collaboration tools.
  • I watched this John Lennon documentary.. as David used to say.. I still want to spend a night in jail fighting for a good cause.. just need a revolution to support (-:
  • Kulula sucks, no self help check-in service, no lunch option on a 1pm flight.. I really don't want to stand in a queue if I have no baggage to check in. Muppets.
  • Friday, good to be back in Cape Town, gym, lunch with Cath at Neo, dinner with Georg at 5 Van Ryneveld in Stellenbosch.. nice sesame crusted seared tuna burger, Kleine Libertas to watch Dirty Skirts, aKing and Fokofpolisikar, my first on stage live music photography.. good fun.
  • "Entertainment this bad has to be educational." -- Georg

  • Saturday, played beach bats on Clifton 2 with Georg, walked around the new Cape Quarter in De Waterkant, visited the market where Ingi sells juices, Mia time, Beta Beach, watched School of Rock again, tuna pasta, bath time, reading, sleep.
  • "How do you know you've been robbed by a gay guy? Your furniture has been rearranged and there is a quiche in the oven." -- Georg

  • "Have you had tantric sex?.. Well, I've been with guys who've had tantric sex with me." -- Ingi, answering Georg's question

  • Sunday, tea, watched Happy Feet again, lounged around the house, gym, swim, aquarium, sundowners at Sand Bar with Cath, Parri, Shawn and Georg.
  • I played some Rach3 in the car for Mia and she instantly fell asleep.
  • I really need a photo blog. Soon.

Have a fun week kids.

Quick Update

Yeah, this is late, it happens. I was in Joburg, what's your excuse?

  • So much for Sober October, it lasted up to Saturday mid-morning at Rocking the Daisies.
  • It's all about personality. Some people can tell stories.
  • Humour at the expense of others is funny.
  • Monday, Lions Head walk with Ingi, tea with Theo at Melissas in Stellenbosch, Amobia meeting at Jan Kats.
  • Tuesday, lunch with Andy at Boo Radey's, shopping in Long Street.. got some Wellies, ran to Bantry Bay with Ingi, Alex's going away dinner at Carlyle's.
  • "It's like SA is in its teenage years." -- Aiden
    "Yeah, almost like SA's balls are about to drop." -- Andy

  • Wednesday, CTSP day1 with Naulene.. well worth it, squash with Matt, Beta Beach walk, nice supper with Ingi, watched Rock 'n Rolla.. pretty good.
  • "The thing about being a child is.. you know what you like" -- Ingi

  • About three months to go in my little game/experiment.
  • Thursday, Silicon Cape launch function in Camps Bay, drinks at Caprice, TF meeting.
  • "The power of the individual vs the power of the state will increase."
    -- Johann Rupert

  • Friday, hmm.. not sure, time with Mia.
  • "I find you and the people you surround yourself with refreshingly real" -- a nice text message

  • Remember guys, staring at breasts for a few minutes every day keeps you healthy.. I have a nice new desktop background.
  • "She's nice arm candy" -- Ingi, about The Body

  • Tune of the week: Electrolite, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, R.E.M.. "20th century go to sleep."
  • Lesson of the week: emotionally-detached-sex is not real.
  • Saturday, Rocking the Daisies. Even the camping was pretty cool. Cool people all around. Well worth it. As Georg says.. next year we should go for the whole weekend.
  • So Mia and I are walking around RTD just before sunset, taking some photos. Two guys walk up to us. The one says, "wow, really cool that you bring your daughter to a music festival".. the other says.. "wow, awesome lens".. then the first guy says, ignore him, it's simply the difference between the perspective of a 32yo and a 23yo.
  • Sunday, RTD. Mia's mom was there. A bit painful. Good photo session.
  • "I don't know why you do it to yourself Joe" -- Georg

  • Published about 500 photos this week.
  • "Imagineer", a good single-word-description for what think I do (well). I think I'll use it for the "what do you do Joe?" problem.
  • Thank you for the RTD tickets Cath!

Remember kids, hang with the weird and you become weird.

Quick Update

A whisky drinking and beach going week..

  • Monday, photo processing, WordPress Meetup #4 at the Barn.. interesting chat about photo blogs (I need one), GeekDinner at Cappello.. I talked about Modern Fatherhood, Talisker.
  • Updated my history page a bit.
  • I now have a tongue cleaner (scraper), amusing toy.
  • Tuesday, tea at Depasco (Kloof st), squash with Matt, pizza at Col'cacchio (Camps Bay), Talisker, odds were better than even.
  • Wednesday, Friendly Grocer at 8am.. to get Vanilla milk, pizza and salad for lunch, made Ingi's scanner and printer work with Ubuntu, beer and a burger at Hudson's with Georg.. science project with some Talisker.
  • Thursday, guilt smoothie, vitB shot at Wellness Warehouse, TF meeting, Mia time.
  • "Trying to remember what I know I should forget" -- Things Go Wrong, Chris Isaak

  • Friday, tea, uber juice, gym, swim, Clifton 1st sundowners.
  • "Buzz-off, pawn of the opressor" -- Antz

  • Saturday, played beach bats on Clifton 2nd with Georg, De Waterkant market with Georg and Thomas.. to sample some of Ingi's fresh juice, Cafe Max and Bubble kids furniture store, Beta Beach with Georg and Jess, bath, we read the two new books, sleep.
  • Figured out there are two projects I need to focus on. The time for unfocusing is over. A new MO.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, Kauai at V&A, got Mia two new Tag books, visited Jonathan.. G&T, tea and awesome eclairs, dropped Mia off, celebratory Whisky with Ingi, watched Quantum of Solace.. ok'ish.
  • Ingi is single again. Hasta Luego Mr. Whippet. 13 days, I guessed 7, Andy guessed 14, Marcia's two months horse was dead last... haha
  • Won a Facebook friend back.. like in primary school (-:
  • "I guess sometimes you have to do something to find out what you really want" -- Ingi

  • I think I figured out what I really want. It includes Beta Beach, Barcelona, Open Source and Rushmore.
  • Interesting all the love triangles around.. then again, "only unfulfilled love can be romantic.." --VCB
  • ps. at least one name was excluded from this week's post, by request.

I figure I need to do some Being Good time. Sober October.. and I need to lose some weight before summer really starts. Oh, we are starting the CTSP course this week.. two friends and a mutual ex-friend.

Rocking the Daisies 2009

I'm off to RTD 2009.. 9/10/11 Oct, Darling.

I'll probably go on the Saturday or Sunday through the day with Mia. We were there last year (RTD 2008).. and it's well worth it, good fun.

Been a bit lazy with finding accommodation. Something you need to do early. I don't do camping.

I few ideas..

  • Line Up: The Friday night looks like the best show.. aKING and Goldfish.
  • Kids: Child care was very well organised last year, so take the little ones along.
  • Camera: I'm taking the 5D.
  • Gumboots: Yes, good idea. Take them.
  • GPS: My little contribution.. since I bugged Cath about this last year we now have GPS coordinates for the venue on the mobile site, but not on the main site it seems. A google maps or openstreetmap link would have been useful. I'll just keep nagging.. this is 2009 people.
  • Twitter:
  • Mobile site:

See you there. I hope you like Windhoek Draught.. it's good for you (-;

Relationships are like Cricket

Had a burger with Georg at Hudson's last night.

His theory on relationships goes something like this:

"Relationships are like Cricket. You get three types: 5day, 1day and Pro20. 5day is way too uninteresting.. just blocking most balls. 1day is good, enough action, but I'm a Pro20 man.. I hit 4's and 6's and the crowd cheers. The pace is so fast that if you get up to fetch a beer you miss a wicket falling."