Rocking the Daisies 2009

I’m off to RTD 2009.. 9/10/11 Oct, Darling.

I’ll probably go on the Saturday or Sunday through the day with Mia. We were there last year (RTD 2008).. and it’s well worth it, good fun.

Been a bit lazy with finding accommodation. Something you need to do early. I don’t do camping.

I few ideas..

  • Line Up: The Friday night looks like the best show.. aKING and Goldfish.
  • Kids: Child care was very well organised last year, so take the little ones along.
  • Camera: I’m taking the 5D.
  • Gumboots: Yes, good idea. Take them.
  • GPS: My little contribution.. since I bugged Cath about this last year we now have GPS coordinates for the venue on the mobile site, but not on the main site it seems. A google maps or openstreetmap link would have been useful. I’ll just keep nagging.. this is 2009 people.
  • Twitter:
  • Mobile site:

See you there. I hope you like Windhoek Draught.. it’s good for you (-;

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  1. Even I want to nag about the maps/GPS coordinates! And I usualy dont care about it, but if you’re looking for the closest towns for accommodation…! In the end I guessed the location on G-earth and from reading the directions. Couldn’t find 2 train tracks they talked about, dammit! :)

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