Quick Update

A whisky drinking and beach going week..

  • Monday, photo processing, WordPress Meetup #4 at the Barn.. interesting chat about photo blogs (I need one), GeekDinner at Cappello.. I talked about Modern Fatherhood, Talisker.
  • Updated my history page a bit.
  • I now have a tongue cleaner (scraper), amusing toy.
  • Tuesday, tea at Depasco (Kloof st), squash with Matt, pizza at Col’cacchio (Camps Bay), Talisker, odds were better than even.
  • Wednesday, Friendly Grocer at 8am.. to get Vanilla milk, pizza and salad for lunch, made Ingi’s scanner and printer work with Ubuntu, beer and a burger at Hudson’s with Georg.. science project with some Talisker.
  • Thursday, guilt smoothie, vitB shot at Wellness Warehouse, TF meeting, Mia time.
  • “Trying to remember what I know I should forget” — Things Go Wrong, Chris Isaak

  • Friday, tea, uber juice, gym, swim, Clifton 1st sundowners.
  • “Buzz-off, pawn of the opressor” — Antz

  • Saturday, played beach bats on Clifton 2nd with Georg, De Waterkant market with Georg and Thomas.. to sample some of Ingi’s fresh juice, Cafe Max and Bubble kids furniture store, Beta Beach with Georg and Jess, bath, we read the two new books, sleep.
  • Figured out there are two projects I need to focus on. The time for unfocusing is over. A new MO.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, Kauai at V&A, got Mia two new Tag books, visited Jonathan.. G&T, tea and awesome eclairs, dropped Mia off, celebratory Whisky with Ingi, watched Quantum of Solace.. ok’ish.
  • Ingi is single again. Hasta Luego Mr. Whippet. 13 days, I guessed 7, Andy guessed 14, Marcia’s two months horse was dead last… haha
  • Won a Facebook friend back.. like in primary school (-:
  • “I guess sometimes you have to do something to find out what you really want” — Ingi

  • I think I figured out what I really want. It includes Beta Beach, Barcelona, Open Source and Rushmore.
  • Interesting all the love triangles around.. then again, “only unfulfilled love can be romantic..” –VCB
  • ps. at least one name was excluded from this week’s post, by request.

I figure I need to do some Being Good time. Sober October.. and I need to lose some weight before summer really starts. Oh, we are starting the CTSP course this week.. two friends and a mutual ex-friend.