Quick Update

Yeah, this is late, it happens. I was in Joburg, what’s your excuse?

  • So much for Sober October, it lasted up to Saturday mid-morning at Rocking the Daisies.
  • It’s all about personality. Some people can tell stories.
  • Humour at the expense of others is funny.
  • Monday, Lions Head walk with Ingi, tea with Theo at Melissas in Stellenbosch, Amobia meeting at Jan Kats.
  • Tuesday, lunch with Andy at Boo Radey’s, shopping in Long Street.. got some Wellies, ran to Bantry Bay with Ingi, Alex’s going away dinner at Carlyle’s.
  • “It’s like SA is in its teenage years.” — Aiden
    “Yeah, almost like SA’s balls are about to drop.” — Andy

  • Wednesday, CTSP day1 with Naulene.. well worth it, squash with Matt, Beta Beach walk, nice supper with Ingi, watched Rock ‘n Rolla.. pretty good.
  • “The thing about being a child is.. you know what you like” — Ingi

  • About three months to go in my little game/experiment.
  • Thursday, Silicon Cape launch function in Camps Bay, drinks at Caprice, TF meeting.
  • “The power of the individual vs the power of the state will increase.”
    — Johann Rupert

  • Friday, hmm.. not sure, time with Mia.
  • “I find you and the people you surround yourself with refreshingly real” — a nice text message

  • Remember guys, staring at breasts for a few minutes every day keeps you healthy.. I have a nice new desktop background.
  • “She’s nice arm candy” — Ingi, about The Body

  • Tune of the week: Electrolite, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, R.E.M.. “20th century go to sleep.”
  • Lesson of the week: emotionally-detached-sex is not real.
  • Saturday, Rocking the Daisies. Even the camping was pretty cool. Cool people all around. Well worth it. As Georg says.. next year we should go for the whole weekend.
  • So Mia and I are walking around RTD just before sunset, taking some photos. Two guys walk up to us. The one says, “wow, really cool that you bring your daughter to a music festival”.. the other says.. “wow, awesome lens”.. then the first guy says, ignore him, it’s simply the difference between the perspective of a 32yo and a 23yo.
  • Sunday, RTD. Mia’s mom was there. A bit painful. Good photo session.
  • “I don’t know why you do it to yourself Joe” — Georg

  • Published about 500 photos this week.
  • “Imagineer”, a good single-word-description for what think I do (well). I think I’ll use it for the “what do you do Joe?” problem.
  • Thank you for the RTD tickets Cath!

Remember kids, hang with the weird and you become weird.