Quick Update

These are not just memories, notes and quotes from Joe’s week, this is better..

  • Monday, hmm.. can’t find Monday in my notes.
  • Tuesday, gym, photo printing, training day for Media24, TF meeting
  • Wed, CTSP day3, lunch with Cath, tea with Chris, gym, smoothy with Vinny.. basically a whole day at Wembley Square, drinks with Aiden and Andy.
  • “You know what I’ve noticed, there’s bunny boiler in all of us.” — Aiden

  • “Cape Town cooks your brain slowly, and your morals quickly.” — Aiden

  • “Time is a loaded gun.” — Coldplay

  • Thursday, braai at home with Georg.
  • Friday, Audi MVP day.. drove to Noordhoek and back via Chapmans in a TT, lunch at the Cape Grace, Mia time, sundowners at the Radisson.
  • Saturday, watched Ratatouille.. good movie, gym, swim, Jaime’s 3rd bday party in ssw.. Andy jumped into the pool to save a little girl, braai with Debby.. nice fillet.
  • “..the new needs friends.” — Ratatouille

  • Sunday, tea, watched Ratatouille again, lunch and a pony ride in Tokai, dropped Mia off, dinner at Debby and Paul’s in Stellenbosch.. very good broccoli pasta with Simonsig Tiana, watched The Wrestler, had some Absinthe from Prague.
  • “Satan and his sidekick in a drop-top” — Marcia, don’t think I’ve been called a sidekick recently.

  • “I know you boys are Afrikaans, but I’m not going to dish up for you.” — Debby, to Paul and I.

  • “You know how I know?: I often dream about her.” — Paul, about relationships.. the one who got away.

Remember kids: living well is the best revenge.. “long live life”.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. “living well is the best revenge.. ” One would like to think it works, but I dont think it does unfortunately. I’ve NEVER seen where it worked for someone. “Get yourself a new partner is the best revenge” sounds more like it. Always works for the ex’s- it leaves one licking wounds and not enjoying ones “living well”:) Change that into some world knowledge line and it might work.

  2. Hi WSE

    I guess that’s true.. but in some ways it’s accepting defeat :-P

    Also, what will I have to bitch about then?

    “You look thin. Why is that? A shortage of food or a surplus of snobbery?”

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