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Quick Update

Week number three of being good. Making some changes..

  • Monday, Lions Head walk.. to work on my tan, lunch with Jonathan at Greens, photo processing, CTSP outdoor shoot.. got a few night time 30sec exposure shots with the new tripod, switched from Thawte WOT smime certs to Verisign certs.. because Thawte WOT was discontinued.. bummer.
  • “I’m going to enjoy working with the new Joe.” — Jonathan

  • “The house always wins.” — Goof

  • “Then photography is definitely for you.” — Katie, when I said I don’t really care to make money from photography.

  • Tuesday, gym, photo processing, meeting with Aiden, squash with Matt.. I won 4/0, TrustFabric meeting at Da Vinci’s.. important meeting, we have a working demo now.
  • We probably have the biggest chicken and egg problem in the world.. something I realised in the meeting with Aiden.
  • “Sy’s ‘n 9 biere meisie.” — Georg, about Ingi’s friend.

  • “You were all picture and no sound.” — Aiden, about Parri at Caprice

  • “I want to be a wind farmer.” — Aiden, about alternative energy

  • I’m over crazy bitch. This dog is no longer chasing that car. No more living in the past. All hail the new Joe.
  • January 2010 is the beginning of a whole new decade.. who are you going to be in 2010? Hope you have been (re)inventing yourself.
  • Wednesday, opened a PO Box 333, Cape Town, 8000, for TrustFabric, sushi at ‘Silver Boutique and Restaurant’ (bottom of Kloof) with Georg, Parri and Francois.. which was honestly the worst dining experience this year, a beer at Boo Radleys.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, braai in Bakoven with Georg, Parri and Aiden.. guys only, no salad (other than braai broodjies).. when real bachelors braai there is almost no washing up to do.
  • Friday, gym, smoothie with Henk, dentist visit, surf with Aiden in Muizenberg.. managed to stand up on the 2nd wave, very late lunch at Olympia Cafe, fetched Mia.. drove via the beach road from Mzb to Ssw.. nice drive, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, uber juice, watched Barnyard.. pretty good, we painted Mia’s toenails, smoothie, gym, swim, smoothie, got Mia a pair of purple/black Puma’s.. the only shoes she would try on, we now have walkie talkies, handed in that dodgy iPod for repair, watched the 2nd half of the rugby at the aquarium, played with our 2way radios around the waterfront and took some photos, bath, reading, 12h sleep.
  • Sunday, tea, watched Aladdin, gym, swim, smoothie, D’Aria summer concert with Georg.. Robbie Wessels and Bok van Blerk.. good fun, kids enjoyed it but Mia did not want Bok’s autograph, some on-stage photography, Naulene fetched Mia, Carlyle’s pizza for supper, met Georg’s new (weekend?) love interest (Rosanne), watched The Boat that Rocked at Parri’s.. good movie.
  • This Friday I’ll be at.. VanFokKingTasties at D’Aria, playing photographer again.
  • Tune of the week: Glass of Water, Prospekt’s March EP, Coldplay.

Cape Town in the summertime.. have a fun week crazy kids.

Doing Well and doing Good

One thing you have to know before we move into the 2010’s: the world has changed, again.

We know that you can’t stop free. New business models are about monetising non-monetary economies.. mostly attention. The new business models are about free at massive scale. No barriers to entry.

But, trust has shifted. It’s not good enough to just give stuff away for free.

Enter the .com + .org business model. Corporation and Foundation. Think WordPress and Mozilla.

The new new business model is about.. free and monetising non-monetary economies at scale, but also.. open, free (as in speech) and.. doing well while doing good.

I’ve always liked the business model idea, but it was not until I had tea with Maz from Broccoli Project fame that I figured out a clean way to make it all fit.

It’s actually very simple. Make the foundation own the core IP (open source code in our case) and let the foundation own 26% of the corporation’s shares.. then make sure that the foundation will always have 26% through a shareholders’ agreement.

Why 26%?.. well you need a 75% majority for any big ticket changes in a business and you always want the foundation to be represented on the board.

You get the general idea. The foundation keeps the corporation in line and takes care of reputationally sensitive things.. the doing good part.

The corporation gets on with the business of making money.. nothing wrong with doing well.


Quirk Update

Yes, yes.. overdue.. week two of being good..

  • Monday, woke up in Somerset West at Andy’s, a car day.. car license renewal at the civic centre.. fairly painless, wheelworx to sort out a rim scratch which has been bugging me since I got the car, Spotless in Gardens to sort out some bumper scratches, visit to Sunshine Co photo hire, took a run to Bantry Bay.
  • Somebody asked me who I look up to.. I said, hmm.. Elon Musk.
  • “I’m not insensitive, I just don’t care.” — Paul

  • Tuesday, WAPA exco meeting, massage table shopping with Ingi, squash with Matt.. he won 4/3, pizza at Col’Cacchios Camps Bay with Georg, watched Eastbound & Down Season 1.. very funny.
  • “I play real sports, I’m not trying to be the best at exercise” — Eastbound & Down, about baseball vs triathlon.

  • Wednesday, got up early, took a Rikki cab to CTSP day 6, lunch with Naulene at Crush, fetched car and wheels, Leon Schuster wanted to pull me over for some traffic cop joke (no kidding), but I just shook my head at him, wheel alignment place, watched Inglourious Basterds at the Labia with two Windhoeks.. brilliant movie.
  • “the future is analogue” — Seen at CTSP.

  • Thursday, gym, morning at a photo shoot on the 22nd floor of the Media24 building with Francois, viewed 3 houses in Camps Bay.. not cheap, TF meeting, Mersey Bar with Georg.. took the 85mm for some low light work, Neighborhood Bar, bumped into Pete.
  • Friday, gym, photo processing, Mia time, watched Aladdin, bath, Joe’s famous tuna pasta salad, reading, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, gym, shopping with Mia.. we got her a new bikini.. pink, bumped into Liza, Deer Park play area, Aquarium.. we became Solemates (members), fish and chips at Shoreline Cafe, ice cream, Mia took a 13h nap, I went to Lisa’s birthday at Ignite with Georg.. got a few nice low light photos.
  • What is it with people who walk on treadmills? Surely you can find a better place to walk.
  • If I look at how Mia loves smoothies I’m kinda sad I did not have them when I grew up.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, lunch with my mom, at Bodega.. nice lamb shoulder.. Mia had fun on the pirate ship, photo session with The Gods at Klein Libertas, burger and beer with Georg at Aanklas, Ben Schoeman piano recital at the Endler in Stellenbosch with Georg, Cath and Parri.. I think I was the only guy with shorts and slops.
  • Turns out the bald German baker is now just the bald German. Bakery went belly-up in October already. I think this is what you call: the blind mis-leading the dead.
  • I realised I live with a grumpy old man who enjoys rearranging the kitchen and a compulsive relationship hopper (Autophobia?), both vegetarian, one teetotaller.. but their super-hero personalities are wild, good sitcom material, I guess we all need therapy. Haha.

Have a fun week crazy kids.

About Risk

When you invest a large percentage of your personal wealth in a new startup business (as I committed to last night), it makes you think about risk. I figure there is good risk and bad risk.

In my mind bad risk would be to go take a chuck of money out of your bond and risk it on a venture which does nothing really new, interesting or word-of-mouth-worthy and if you are lucky you could get a fair return.

Good risk involves things like..

  • Big idea. Ambitious, scary, global, brave.. big ideas have less competition.
  • Idea with an impact. Change the world. Solve problems. Scratch itches.
  • New. First. Word-of-mouth-worthy.
  • Big returns. A blow-your-hair-back-if-it-works return.

To the moon or bust (-:

ps. TrustFabric has a working demo now.

Cape Town Car Maintenance Advice

I usually suck with things like car maintenance, so this week I batched all the things that needed fixing. I also hate finding all the best places to have things done, so I figure I’d share this and keep a record here.

1) Car license renewal, Civic Centre, fairly painless, you can in theory do this via their call centre but then you have to wait for them to post your license.

2) Mag scratches: talk to Zaki at Wheel Worx, 92 Sir Lowry Rd, 021 465 2555

3) Cosmetic repairs / paint things: talk to Marco at Spotless Cosmetic Car Repairs, 1 Roodehek Terrace, Gardens, 0861 123900

4) Wheel Balancing and Alignment: talk to Barry at Hi-Q Foreshore, Culemborg Motor City, Osward Pirow Street, 021 418 3839

Quick Update

A week of being good, no hangovers, nice training routine..

  • Monday, Ingi super salad, Beta Beach sunset photo session with Ingi and Keith, watched the Fokofpolisiekar movie.. very good.
  • Tuesday, tea, Ingi super green smoothie, gym, photo processing, dinner at Obz Cafe with Jonathan, moved the photoblog to, installed Ubuntu 9.10 on the laptop, played with UFRaw.
  • Ingi is now really single. Just goes to show, no man who drives a 1000cc car can be taken seriously.
  • Keith figures social networks offer a good form of therapy, put it out there and get support.
  • Wednesday, CTSP day5, a Patrick Bateman day at the Wembley Clinic, facials and massages with Naulene, squash with Matt.. I won.
  • Thursday, gym, lunch with PW at Crush, Orms visit, haircut at B’s, tea with Brandon at Crush, TF meeting, watched The Informers.. a hedonist morality check.
  • Friday, dropped the car at Audi, spent the day camping at Wembley Square, gym, Orms.. got the Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens and a tripod, Bobotie at Crush, got a lift with Nauls to may car, Mia time, sunset Beta Beach photos, nice veggie supper with Ingi.
  • Saturday, tea, uber juice, Monsters vs Aliens, registered on Modelbase.. friendly community, gym, swim, I made a roast leg of lamb and invited Georg and Parri for dinner.
  • I really like the photography learning experience, reminds me of the early Linux days, bit of a dark art, interesting people to learn from.
  • I realised I take about 20 pills per day at the moment and I’m not sick.
  • “If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he next comes to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination.”
    — Thomas De Quincey (1785 – 1859)

  • Sunday, tea, uber juice, Horton Hears a Who, drawing, puzzle building, gym, swim, smoothies, dropped Mia off, dinner at Andy’s.
  • “Cheque or savings or university fund?” — a text message I sent Naulene. She did not find it funny. A bit earlier that day while dropping Mia off, Mia’s grandfather was walking up the road asking “cheque or savings?”, he had Naulene’s ATM card for the account I transfer money into for Mia every month. Mia was laughing, I said.. it’s not so funny, he’s taking your money. Naulene found it funny at the time, very briefly.

  • I think I’m kinda stuck in the technical details, planning and workflow optimising of photography, I should just get down to the business of taking photos again, soon.
  • Tune of the week: Ek Skyn (Heilig), Fokofpolisiekar

Have a fun week kids.

Fokofpolisiekar Movie



I watched the Fokofpolisiekar Movie this week. Good movie. Well worth it. It’s showing at Nu Metro cinemas at the moment.. V&A etc.

Some random thoughts about the movie and ideas from the movie I’d like to echo:

First, I have to confess.. I’m a fan. They make good music and I like their style.

Secondly, I’m a white Afrikaans male, kinda genX or genY. Many of my friends are white Afrikaans males, mostly Alternative Afrikaans for lack of formal category, but day-to-day I think I speak more English than Afrikaans.. and this is an English blog.

A friend always asks, why are they so angry? This movie explains it well.. I’m not going to explain it here.

These guys are brave.. “looking back the revolution seems inevitable”.

I think their core message is to reject pre-conceived ideas. Question everything. Stop feeling sorry for things you did not do. Time to be proud. Create your own identity. Dump the past. Do it now. Don’t waste anymore time.

Hunter Kennedy writes very good lyrics, in good Afrikaans. They are serious about their music.

Afrikaans has a deep culture. As Georg likes to point out, Afrikaans South Africans have a more evolved culture than English South Africans.. and with evolved I’m saying a unique contribution in the SA context, not G&T’s and cricket.

Afrikaans people are pioneering, smart and entrepreneurial.. from the Chris Chameleon interview.

I think I get the lyrics of Skyn (Heilig) now.

FPK are moralists, a bit like Bret Easton Ellis. Somebody has to shake the cage.. gives the old moral framework a good kick in the tyres, check to see if you are still alive.

I wonder, what was that goody-two-shoes Christian dude doing in that bar at 4am when Wynand wrote on his wallet?

Notice how they have photos and video footage from the very beginning. Even before their first show they had an idea of the message they wanted to spread and the movement they wanted to build. Look at the design and illustration style. Well thought through.

Those Liam Lynch photos are pretty awesome.

Like I said.. random thoughts.

Go watch the movie.

ps. I took this photo on the Klein Libertas stage in Stellenbosch. If you have not yet seen one of their live shows…

Quick Update

Ok, this is like 5 quick updates in a row, I need some new material to blog about..

  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch with Flash (the puppy) licking my ear, photo processing, burger with Georg at Jamaica me Crazy.
  • Tuesday, up at 4:00, flight to Bloemfontein, more collaboration tool training, flight back to Cape Town.. I like those little SA Airlink private jet things, 27 Dinner at Society Bistro.
  • Wednesday, CTSP day 4, juice with Nauls, tea with Cath, walk to Glen Beach with Keith, dinner at Kink with Cath, met Gia, had some Patron for the first time.
  • “You are so Generation Y.” — Katie, my CTSP teacher, when I told her I want an open source photo workflow.

  • “Long distance is great in your 20s.” — Gia

  • “We’ve sold whips at one in the morning.” — Gia, about Kink

  • “The thing you have to realise about Cape Town is that socialising and networking counts as productive work time.” — Gia, about Sundays at Caprice

  • Thursday, managed to not use my car at all, mostly a research day, ran to Clifton, TF meeting, put up a (very alpha) photoblog.
  • Friday, meeting with Gavin at the Mxit offices, lunch with Alex at Bodega, he took me for a tour of the Dornier manor house, Waterford wine and chocolate tasting, tea with Theo, fetched Mia.. Nauls was a cow again, visited Andy, braai with Georg and Ingi at home.
  • “Get everybody on the bus before you start driving.” — Alex Meiring, on teams and company culture

  • “In the social space your focus has to be on people.” — Gavin

  • “We’re down to about three degrees of separation, maybe two.” — Alex Meiring

  • “He’s an angry, gun-toting ballerina.” — Ingi, about bicycle boy

  • Saturday, up at 6am because Number One wanted to play with her new toys, gym, swim, lunch with PW at Sinn’s, Halloween costume shopping for Mia at Tinka Tokna.. we got her a witch outfit but in the end she went as a pretty princess, I went to watch the rugby with Pete at Neighbourhood while Ingi and Mia baked cookies, trick or treating in Bakoven with Mia, good 11h sleep.
  • Sunday, Clifton 2 beach bats, ice cream and a swim, lunch at Cafe Roux, Noordhoek Farm village via Chapmans with Georg, nap, Nauls fetched Mia.. she was less of a cow, sundowners at La Med with Aiden, Parri and Georg, Col’cacio pizza, Caprice.
  • “People underestimate the visual feast you get from a place like Cape Town and I tell you it’s good for the soul.” — Aiden

  • “We’re going to have to put him on suicide watch on Tuesday.” — Aiden, about Georg

  • Legalize Cape Town — a good tshirt
  • As Matt says, if you live in Cape Town you need a cool camera an a convertible.
  • Tunes of the week: Duffy, Rockferry

Have a fun week kids. I’ll let you know when the photoblog is ready.