Quick Update

Ok, this is like 5 quick updates in a row, I need some new material to blog about..

  • Monday, woke up in Stellenbosch with Flash (the puppy) licking my ear, photo processing, burger with Georg at Jamaica me Crazy.
  • Tuesday, up at 4:00, flight to Bloemfontein, more collaboration tool training, flight back to Cape Town.. I like those little SA Airlink private jet things, 27 Dinner at Society Bistro.
  • Wednesday, CTSP day 4, juice with Nauls, tea with Cath, walk to Glen Beach with Keith, dinner at Kink with Cath, met Gia, had some Patron for the first time.
  • “You are so Generation Y.” — Katie, my CTSP teacher, when I told her I want an open source photo workflow.

  • “Long distance is great in your 20s.” — Gia

  • “We’ve sold whips at one in the morning.” — Gia, about Kink

  • “The thing you have to realise about Cape Town is that socialising and networking counts as productive work time.” — Gia, about Sundays at Caprice

  • Thursday, managed to not use my car at all, mostly a research day, ran to Clifton, TF meeting, put up a (very alpha) photoblog.
  • Friday, meeting with Gavin at the Mxit offices, lunch with Alex at Bodega, he took me for a tour of the Dornier manor house, Waterford wine and chocolate tasting, tea with Theo, fetched Mia.. Nauls was a cow again, visited Andy, braai with Georg and Ingi at home.
  • “Get everybody on the bus before you start driving.” — Alex Meiring, on teams and company culture

  • “In the social space your focus has to be on people.” — Gavin

  • “We’re down to about three degrees of separation, maybe two.” — Alex Meiring

  • “He’s an angry, gun-toting ballerina.” — Ingi, about bicycle boy

  • Saturday, up at 6am because Number One wanted to play with her new toys, gym, swim, lunch with PW at Sinn’s, Halloween costume shopping for Mia at Tinka Tokna.. we got her a witch outfit but in the end she went as a pretty princess, I went to watch the rugby with Pete at Neighbourhood while Ingi and Mia baked cookies, trick or treating in Bakoven with Mia, good 11h sleep.
  • Sunday, Clifton 2 beach bats, ice cream and a swim, lunch at Cafe Roux, Noordhoek Farm village via Chapmans with Georg, nap, Nauls fetched Mia.. she was less of a cow, sundowners at La Med with Aiden, Parri and Georg, Col’cacio pizza, Caprice.
  • “People underestimate the visual feast you get from a place like Cape Town and I tell you it’s good for the soul.” — Aiden

  • “We’re going to have to put him on suicide watch on Tuesday.” — Aiden, about Georg

  • Legalize Cape Town — a good tshirt
  • As Matt says, if you live in Cape Town you need a cool camera an a convertible.
  • Tunes of the week: Duffy, Rockferry

Have a fun week kids. I’ll let you know when the photoblog is ready.

3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hi Joe. Hyperlinks to the restaurants you frequent would be cool. When are you going to reveal what your next big idea is? Al

  2. Hey Al

    I added a few links. Sorry, I’m getting a bit lazy I guess.

    “TF meetings” are about the new idea. ETA for a first demo is about two weeks.. but I’d imagine we’ll only start a closed alpha/beta early next year.

  3. Joe.

    I’m glad to report: I’m still alive and well and Tuesday’s almost finished! Can’t say the same of that blabber-mouth across from me though. :D

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