About Risk

When you invest a large percentage of your personal wealth in a new startup business (as I committed to last night), it makes you think about risk. I figure there is good risk and bad risk.

In my mind bad risk would be to go take a chuck of money out of your bond and risk it on a venture which does nothing really new, interesting or word-of-mouth-worthy and if you are lucky you could get a fair return.

Good risk involves things like..

  • Big idea. Ambitious, scary, global, brave.. big ideas have less competition.
  • Idea with an impact. Change the world. Solve problems. Scratch itches.
  • New. First. Word-of-mouth-worthy.
  • Big returns. A blow-your-hair-back-if-it-works return.

To the moon or bust (-:

ps. TrustFabric has a working demo now.

4 thoughts on “About Risk

  1. Good luck Joe.

    “It’s actually a relatively small number of people that really are those risk takers, and a relatively small number of people that end up really having an impact on the world.”
    Steve Case

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