Quirk Update

Yes, yes.. overdue.. week two of being good..

  • Monday, woke up in Somerset West at Andy’s, a car day.. car license renewal at the civic centre.. fairly painless, wheelworx to sort out a rim scratch which has been bugging me since I got the car, Spotless in Gardens to sort out some bumper scratches, visit to Sunshine Co photo hire, took a run to Bantry Bay.
  • Somebody asked me who I look up to.. I said, hmm.. Elon Musk.
  • “I’m not insensitive, I just don’t care.” — Paul

  • Tuesday, WAPA exco meeting, massage table shopping with Ingi, squash with Matt.. he won 4/3, pizza at Col’Cacchios Camps Bay with Georg, watched Eastbound & Down Season 1.. very funny.
  • “I play real sports, I’m not trying to be the best at exercise” — Eastbound & Down, about baseball vs triathlon.

  • Wednesday, got up early, took a Rikki cab to CTSP day 6, lunch with Naulene at Crush, fetched car and wheels, Leon Schuster wanted to pull me over for some traffic cop joke (no kidding), but I just shook my head at him, wheel alignment place, watched Inglourious Basterds at the Labia with two Windhoeks.. brilliant movie.
  • “the future is analogue” — Seen at CTSP.

  • Thursday, gym, morning at a photo shoot on the 22nd floor of the Media24 building with Francois, viewed 3 houses in Camps Bay.. not cheap, TF meeting, Mersey Bar with Georg.. took the 85mm for some low light work, Neighborhood Bar, bumped into Pete.
  • Friday, gym, photo processing, Mia time, watched Aladdin, bath, Joe’s famous tuna pasta salad, reading, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, gym, shopping with Mia.. we got her a new bikini.. pink, bumped into Liza, Deer Park play area, Aquarium.. we became Solemates (members), fish and chips at Shoreline Cafe, ice cream, Mia took a 13h nap, I went to Lisa’s birthday at Ignite with Georg.. got a few nice low light photos.
  • What is it with people who walk on treadmills? Surely you can find a better place to walk.
  • If I look at how Mia loves smoothies I’m kinda sad I did not have them when I grew up.
  • Sunday, gym, swim, lunch with my mom, at Bodega.. nice lamb shoulder.. Mia had fun on the pirate ship, photo session with The Gods at Klein Libertas, burger and beer with Georg at Aanklas, Ben Schoeman piano recital at the Endler in Stellenbosch with Georg, Cath and Parri.. I think I was the only guy with shorts and slops.
  • Turns out the bald German baker is now just the bald German. Bakery went belly-up in October already. I think this is what you call: the blind mis-leading the dead.
  • I realised I live with a grumpy old man who enjoys rearranging the kitchen and a compulsive relationship hopper (Autophobia?), both vegetarian, one teetotaller.. but their super-hero personalities are wild, good sitcom material, I guess we all need therapy. Haha.

Have a fun week crazy kids.