Quick Update

Week number three of being good. Making some changes..

  • Monday, Lions Head walk.. to work on my tan, lunch with Jonathan at Greens, photo processing, CTSP outdoor shoot.. got a few night time 30sec exposure shots with the new tripod, switched from Thawte WOT smime certs to Verisign certs.. because Thawte WOT was discontinued.. bummer.
  • “I’m going to enjoy working with the new Joe.” — Jonathan

  • “The house always wins.” — Goof

  • “Then photography is definitely for you.” — Katie, when I said I don’t really care to make money from photography.

  • Tuesday, gym, photo processing, meeting with Aiden, squash with Matt.. I won 4/0, TrustFabric meeting at Da Vinci’s.. important meeting, we have a working demo now.
  • We probably have the biggest chicken and egg problem in the world.. something I realised in the meeting with Aiden.
  • “Sy’s ‘n 9 biere meisie.” — Georg, about Ingi’s friend.

  • “You were all picture and no sound.” — Aiden, about Parri at Caprice

  • “I want to be a wind farmer.” — Aiden, about alternative energy

  • I’m over crazy bitch. This dog is no longer chasing that car. No more living in the past. All hail the new Joe.
  • January 2010 is the beginning of a whole new decade.. who are you going to be in 2010? Hope you have been (re)inventing yourself.
  • Wednesday, opened a PO Box 333, Cape Town, 8000, for TrustFabric, sushi at ‘Silver Boutique and Restaurant’ (bottom of Kloof) with Georg, Parri and Francois.. which was honestly the worst dining experience this year, a beer at Boo Radleys.
  • Thursday, gym, swim, braai in Bakoven with Georg, Parri and Aiden.. guys only, no salad (other than braai broodjies).. when real bachelors braai there is almost no washing up to do.
  • Friday, gym, smoothie with Henk, dentist visit, surf with Aiden in Muizenberg.. managed to stand up on the 2nd wave, very late lunch at Olympia Cafe, fetched Mia.. drove via the beach road from Mzb to Ssw.. nice drive, 11h sleep.
  • Saturday, uber juice, watched Barnyard.. pretty good, we painted Mia’s toenails, smoothie, gym, swim, smoothie, got Mia a pair of purple/black Puma’s.. the only shoes she would try on, we now have walkie talkies, handed in that dodgy iPod for repair, watched the 2nd half of the rugby at the aquarium, played with our 2way radios around the waterfront and took some photos, bath, reading, 12h sleep.
  • Sunday, tea, watched Aladdin, gym, swim, smoothie, D’Aria summer concert with Georg.. Robbie Wessels and Bok van Blerk.. good fun, kids enjoyed it but Mia did not want Bok’s autograph, some on-stage photography, Naulene fetched Mia, Carlyle’s pizza for supper, met Georg’s new (weekend?) love interest (Rosanne), watched The Boat that Rocked at Parri’s.. good movie.
  • This Friday I’ll be at.. VanFokKingTasties at D’Aria, playing photographer again.
  • Tune of the week: Glass of Water, Prospekt’s March EP, Coldplay.

Cape Town in the summertime.. have a fun week crazy kids.