Friend Spam

I’ve noticed a bit of an annoying trend lately. It’s probably nothing new, but it seems to be getting worse because of Twitter.

What do you do when your friends start spamming you on social networks? It’s easy to just drop lame acquaintances who get spammy, but friends are more painful to amputate.

I guess I first noticed this “friend spam” trend with the Jail for Bail campaign.. some autism thing. Sure, it’s probably a good cause, but it got super annoying when people kept on promoting this via Facebook and Twitter.. going on and on about it for weeks.

Last week three things started to annoy me in the same way. People I follow or know kept on promoting the same thing.. over and over.. we had: Albert Frost voting and FHM model voting.. and there were the Google fanboys who keep going on about Google Wave invites.

Add to that the annoyance of receiving the same “X suggest you become a fan of.. <insert X’s business venture>” for the second time and you end up with a bit of a sense of humour failure.

Once is enough! FFS!

“Someone just suggested I become a fan of Danny K on facebook. I deleted him immediately. Jesus.” — MyBrandedLifeTM

It seems Twitter and FB status messages are making friend spam worse. Twitter is more spammy than blogs/rss because you usually have to read the whole tweet. At least with blogs I can scan subjects in RSS and only read the things that look interesting. People seem sane enough to only blog about a topic once. Somehow Twitter seems to be this garbage channel for many people.

So, new rule, you if you tweet about the same spammy thing more than once I’m not interested anymore.