Quick Update

End of an era..

  • Monday, gym, photo processing, chicken Caesar wrap at Kauai.
  • Tuesday, I was 1 of 60 Silicon Cape steering committee nominees, fixed Ingi’s laptop after an Ubuntu upgrade, squash with Matt, architecture exhibit thing in Hout street, drinks at Waiting Room, tuna burger at Royale (highlight of the day), drinks at Julep with Georg and Rosanne.
  • “love the blog, glad to know you’ve got new cars to chase, miss the phone calls though… you are an extreme guy Joe… X” — Naulene. Yes kids, turns out she does read the blog.

  • Wednesday, smoothie and muffin at Crush, last CTSP class, gym, mid-week braai in Bakoven with Georg, Parri, Jonathan, Lynnae and Ingi.
  • I think I’m over spirulina green smoothies for a while, I’m now doing raw cacao chocolate smoothies.
  • Thursday, not much, mostly admin, skipped the CTSP student exhibit.
  • Friday, gym, WAPA AGM at Asara, fetched Mia, pasta salad and a few glasses of wine with Georg.
  • As of Friday I’m no longer the WAPA chairman.. end of an era, I was involved for the last three years. Nice to feel you made a bit of an impact, I think WAPA is now pretty self sufficient.. membership numbers grew 75% in 2009.
  • When I fetched Mia on Friday there was a cigarette burn or her shoulder. Total sense of humour failure. I can live with the flea bites, but this takes things to a whole new level of unhappiness.
  • Saturday, tea, Aladdin, uber juice, gym, swim, lunch at Fairview with Georg and Rosanne.. good Dorado, dropped Mia off for a birthday party, evening at Debby’s in Jonkershoek by the dam.. memories of tequila slammers.
  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, had oxtail potjie for breakfast with the sound of Billie Holiday, a swim at home and a few beers with Georg, watched The Hangover and Watchmen.. entertaining, sunset Beta Beach walk.. perfect summers evening.
  • Sunday felt like the first day I had off this year. I did pretty much nothing other than watch movies and relaxing home alone.. it felt awesome.
  • Plant > fish > dog > child. So much for that logic.
  • It seems to be relationship season. Good to see friends hook up with cool people.
  • Anything you try to control, ends up controlling you.. so choose wisely.
  • It’s not about the building, it’s about the people inside.
  • Mia seems to be very into James Blunt (Shine On) at the moment.
  • Tune of the week: Cooler As Ekke – Jack Parow

Suck it in, rock ‘n roll..

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  1. First of all: Hi Naulene…Georg here. Must say that “Cooler as Ekke” tune is great! Been a good week Joe! It’s gonna be a great summer!

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