Quick Update

Strange week..

  • Monday, bank visit again, I now own my car.. finally, gym, lunch with Georg at Crush, car trouble.. got a new battery (a bit ironic), photo processing, Pimm’s with Georg and Parri, Rasputin field trip because of a minor romantic disappointment.. educational, Boo Radleys to sample some premium tequila.
  • “Hoop jy’s lus vir Mavericks.” — Georg, after a romantic disappointment.

  • “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy Disney

  • Tuesday, gym, FNB mCommerce meeting, run past Clifton, dinner at Cath’s, watched Push.. entertaining.
  • Often by just telling the story you start seeing the solution, but good advice from a friend helps. I think I should spend 3 days a week with Mia next year.
  • Wednesday, A nice fruit salad breakfast at Cath’s, Impay meeting at Wembley Square, gym, Lions Head walk, Kink’s 1st birthday party.. good fun.
  • “What flavour of beer you got? Flavour? Castle. That’s for miners. Minors?” — Andrew and Aiden

  • Thursday, spent the day with Andrew, Table Mountain and Clifton, got a bit sunburnt.
  • Regret is underrated.
  • I think I’m getting a bit overly patriotic with all these Fokofpolisiekar concerts. Somebody called Afrikaans music “prawn music” and it almost ended in violence. btw Kirstenbosch: Fokofpolisiekar 24 Jan, aKING 7 Feb.
  • “I felt like I was in Africa.” — Ingi, about a township tour.

  • Friday, Mia end of year school play, Mia’s first dentist visit, nap, Jolly Roger pirate boat trip with xmas father.. new Mermaid Tag book and Pirate Lego, bath, read, sleep.
  • I’m loving this Lego thing.
  • Saturday, gym, swim, dropped Mia off, xmas party at Amelia’s house, vertical tasting of 10 years of L’Avenir Pinotage from 1996 and a bottle of Vin De Constance.
  • Sunday, woke up in Somerset West, fetched Mia, took a walk with Will, Amelia and the dogs to go feed some ducks, watched Atlantis, read the new Olivia book.
  • Mia now has a Where’s Wally? book for the car. Good fun.
  • Tune of the week, still: Safe as Houses, aKing.

You’re still young and breathing’s easy. Suck it in..

3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. “Somebody called Afrikaans music “prawn music” and it almost ended in violence”…

    I like your passion, Joe! But I must agree with you, you dont want to get to ‘punk’ on everyone. Ease up on the Afr music a bit and throw in some ‘Slayer’ every once in a while. This’ll really work you up to a frenzy and then you can let them know who’s really the boss.

    There’s nothing more scary than a geek let out of his cage….or was it a grizzly with a chainsaw? Never can remember which one…

  2. regret is underrated but passe… take a township tour and get perspective,
    b r e a t h e
    and keep going!

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