Quick Update

An even more random than usual weekly update..

  • It’s been a week of braai, Lego, beer, Pimms, Tequila and afternoon naps.
  • Kinda sad I missed MCQP, better planning next year.
  • Product of the week: Windhoek Draught in a bottle.
  • Mia loved Onrus beach.
  • Mia seems to like dark chilli chocolate and Star Wars.. Clone Wars.. cool! Maybe we’ll get Star Wars Lego next.
  • “No brain no gain.” — Georg

  • “Are you the friendly monster?” — Mia, to Cath

  • I figure there is probably one good thing about Mia living with bunch of unemployed losers: gives her something to rebel against.
  • “Ek’s ‘n gemaksvraat.” — Gerjo

  • The food at Mesopotamia was very good.
  • Screw this whole digital workflow RAW format story.. I don’t have the time, I’m shooting plain old JPG large again.
  • Ingi pointed out that in a relationship you have to be able to make a woman feel good about herself. I guess I used to suck at that. Then again I figure the self-contained view of happiness is more real.
  • Chilli skaapboud for xmas lunch was very good.
  • Tune of the week: Pille vir Kersfees, Die Heuwels Fantasties.
  • Georg figures his life is like a Vince Vaughn movie (-:
  • Andrew has a job again.
  • “Dog’s dead.” — Jaime

  • “Kan jy jou idee van normaal by jou gat op druk! Kan jy ‘apatie’ spel?” — Hemel op die Platteland, Fokofpolisiekar

  • Seems my cousin will be in town soon.

2010 is going to be good fun.