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Quick Update

Getting ready for a few big changes..

  • Monday, tea, vitB shot, gym, run, swim, pizza at Knead, MTN science centre.. not bad, dropped Mia off, pretty much pulled my hair out in dealing with crazy bitch.. trying to explain why it's a good idea to give a child antihistamines to prevent a flemmy cough, a few glasses.. erm, bottels of wine with Andrew at Henry's, photo processing.
  • Tuesday, swim, general admin involving tea drinking and listening to music at home, a run to Bantry Bay, veggie dinner.
  • Wednesday, gym, dentist round 2, nap, Amobia exco meeting and pizza at Da Vinci's kloof st.
  • Thursday, leftover pizza for breakfast, gym, lunch at the Wild Fig with Abz, dinner at Jonathan's, a few beers with Georg at Carlyle's.
  • Friday, early Beta Beach walk, a good VC meeting, lunch with Theo and Paul in Stellenbosch, a bit of a technology entrepreneurs get-together in Somerset West (it still needs a name), fetched Mia, shopping for the braai, swim, Mia watched a Winnie the Pooh movie, veggie dinner with some very good Jordan Nine Yards Chardonnay, made some Chimichuri sauce.
  • Saturday, gym, swim, smoothie, braai and pool party in Bakoven.
  • Sunday, tea, nap, Fokofpolisiekar at Kirstenbosch photo session, pizza at Carlyle's with Georg.
  • This custody and maintenance stalemate and inertia with crazy b.. is getting a bit frustrating now.
  • I was reading about.. Concerted Cultivation vs Slow Parenting. A guess a mix is best.
  • CTSP have no idea how to handle constructive criticism. Muppets.
  • I have to really start looking for a place to live after Feb.. but I guess moving is refreshing. Time to dump some unused stuff.

Have a fun week.

Quick Update

A week of Edamame beans and taking photos for Keith's book about Cape Town.

  • Monday, vitB shot and picked up some chill pills for a dentist visit, gym, watched Let the right one in at the Labia.. brilliant movie.. haunting actually, had a few beers with Dave at Greens.
  • I'm standardising on Hugo Boss Dark Blue again. Good memories.
  • "..and I convince people of the truth" -- Me

  • "The thing about being addicted to brake fluid is you always feel you could stop at any time." -- Seen on Twitter somewhere.

  • Tuesday, garden services and pool cleaning, dentist, late lunch with Jonathan at Greens, watched 500 days of Summer at the Labia.. good movie.. a bit like the last 800 days of my life, brief Kink visit, Mouille Point walk.. bumped into Aiden and Cams, salad pita with a very good 4 star John Platter Merlot, fell asleep watching South Park.
  • Wednesday, ran to Clifton, swim, meeting at Greens with Jonathan, PW and Aiden, beer at Carlyle's with Georg, Cardonnay and Edamame beans with Cath at Wakami, Karma, Sapphire and St Yves with Keith, Cath and Georg, some late night cooking at home.
  • Thursday, swim, dinner and photography and Nobu.. One&Only with Keith.. Edamame beans, 8 courses of awesome food.. the 2nd last course was sushi, three types of sake including an unfiltered sake, best crayfish ever.
  • I like sake.
  • Friday, routine medical check-up at Wellness Warehouse, gym, Orms visit, some house hunting, Mia time, Whisk(e)y tasting at Bascule.. while Mia made gingerbread men, dinner at Signal/Cape Grace with Keith.
  • So I phone Naulene and tells me she wants to take Mia overseas for a while. Made my blood pressure rise a bit more than my medical check-up was happy with.
  • Saturday, tea, watched Hercules, oysters at the Neighbour Goods Market.. bumped into Ernst and Benny, nap, swim, took Mia cycling on the Promenade for the 1st time, cooked Edemame beans, asparagus, broccoli and salad while Mia watched Hercules again, bath, Olivia*2, sleep.
  • "Fucking drones and ex-hippies" -- Keith's love for the neighbour goods market

  • Played with a Lensbaby, amusing.
  • Sunday, tea, Hercules, uber juice, made a slide show for Mia of the first 2 years of her life which she watches on the ~tv, gym, swim, smoothie, aquarium, Zebra and Giraffe at Kirstenbosch with Keith, bumped into Carla and Marianna, Beta Beach swim and play area, corn on the cob for supper, bath, Olivia*2, sleep.
  • btw. Mia's mom's second name is Olivia.
  • The Mia photo slide show idea is a bit of an experiment in getting her to remember her younger years better.. she seems to remember things like Rocking the Daisies and (pop) music I play in the car. It's not easy to figure out what sticks. Only snag is that there are about 12k photos in her album (and growing), so at 3sec per photo I'll keep her busy for 10 hours.
  • Two people have recently told me that when I start something I commit and make a success of it. Nice to get compliments like these.
  • Sam's Town by The Killers seems to be my favourite gym album at the moment.
  • "They say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet. You don't have to drink right now, but you can dip your feet. Every once in a little while..." -- When You Were Young, Killers

  • Kinda figured out that Facebook is actually very read-only.. I often bump into people who never do anything on Facebook and they always comment on how busy I am on Facebook.
  • Tune of the week: L.A. by Amy Macdonald
  • "It's so rock and roll to be alone." -- Mr Rock & Roll, Amy Macdonald

  • Dr Ernst spent ~R18k on a diamond and is getting married in Sept. I could buy a nice lens for that money.
  • I'm bad with giving compliments, I wish I was better.
  • "Why does he talk so sad?" -- Mia after we talked to Thomas on the car phone.

  • This was the first week of our new 3days a week Mia and Dad routine.

Still getting used to the new year. Refocusing.

Photo border copyright script

A little hack to add a copyright border to photos.. and make them max 604px for Facebook uploading.

This is a (very random) low quality jpg, but you get the idea:



# Get photos ready for Facebook upload
# Resize to max 604px, add border, add copyright

mkdir fb

for photos in $(ls *.jpg);
do base=$(basename $photos .jpg);

echo -n $base.. ;

imgx=$(identify $photos |cut -d ' ' -f 3|cut -d '+' -f 1|cut -d 'x' -f 1);
imgy=$(identify $photos |cut -d ' ' -f 3|cut -d '+' -f 1|cut -d 'x' -f 2);

if [ $imgx -lt $imgy ]; then

convert $photos -resize "$resize"x"$resize" -bordercolor black -background black \
-border 2 -gravity SouthEast -splice 0x12 -fill white -annotate 0 \
"(c)" fb/fb-"$base".jpg

echo done.;


Thoughts on Avatar

Very very good movie, but not a top 10 movie, a bit too much fantasy like floating mountains and the "dark-green" thing.

Anyway, very entertaining, good plot, awesome CGI, plenty to think about. Like Aliens, Braveheart and Lord of the Rings.. a few epics all in one.

"They fought like warrior puppets" ..erm, warrior poets. (That's from Braveheart btw.)

Loved the Aliens themes.. we had the marines, Vasquez, Burke and Ripley, even the space ships looked the same.

Liked the Warcraft'ish vibe, matched machine and animal warriors.

I like the way the movie challenges the ideas of cookie cutter consumerism and capitalism as a way of life and dominant force in our reality. Makes you want to become a hippie and go to trance parties every weekend. Haha.

So kids, if you liked Avatar but you have not seen Aliens, you must see Aliens.. that's a top 10 movie.

ps. I hate Lord of the Rings.

Top 5 Sad Songs

5. My Curse by The Afghan Whigs
4. Strange Currencies by R.E.M.
3. Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits
2. Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac
1. Over and Over by Moloko

Quick Update

I had this thing for fish and chips this week.. a few days of real Joe relaxing holiday and time with cousin Jacques..

  • Monday, fetched Jacques at 6am, tea at Newport, breakfast at Lezari in De Waterkant, visited Mia at Manuka, picked up a case of Longridge Chardonnay from the source, visited Yonder Hill for olive oil, visited Andrew, Waterford wine and chocolate tasting, Buena Vista (stb) with Andy and Vanessa, visited Georg, Glen Beach walk.
  • Tuesday, Chapmans drive, nice La Motte Chardonnay at Cafe Roux, Cape Point drive, afternoon at the Brass Bell, Beta Beach sundowners with Cath, Parri and Georg, a swim and drinks at home with Georg and Keith.
  • "gaan julle homo's nou braai vanaand? Bel my indien wel. niks chick nie asb- wil nie slaai eet nie" -- email from Georg

  • Wednesday, got my car back, fish and chips at La Med, dropped Jacques at the airport, Camps Bay Mojito tour with Georg.. Caprice, Sandbar, Col'cachios, watched Transformers.. pretty lame.
  • "In any negotiation, violence is always an option." -- Jacques, who weighs 120kg and needs two bungy cords to jump off a bridge.

  • "While the music is playing we have to dance." -- Jacques about the banking industry

  • "He's like a braaibroodjie, but with fig slices and brie." Jacques, about Georg

  • "There's nothing like Vivaldi before your head gets chopped off." -- Jacques about Japanese Cows

  • "Hot chicks make better tea." -- Jacques on employment policies

  • "The legal system only works if people don't trust each other." -- Jacques

  • Thursday, visited Lauren and her new house, dropped Lauren off in Nettleton rd Clifton.. wow! you should see the houses there, I want one, fish and chips at La Med with Georg, watched Iron Man with some Longridge.. good movie, nice R8 placement.
  • "Lippe teen die klippe." -- Lauren

  • "Heat up the sake." -- Iron Man

  • Friday, haircut at B's, moussaka and a nice bottle of Glen Carlou Chardonnay with Cath at Neo, Mia time, watched Lion King, hake and salad, bath, Olivia books, 10h sleep.
  • Make time for friends. There's nothing worse than having to decline an invite three+ times. It's not always easy to match schedules, but make time for that random lunch that turns into an afternoon catch-up.
  • Saturday, tea, Lion King, Rhubarb Room with Debby, Marcia, Keith and Georg.. go check it out, gym, Tinka Tonka.. got Mia her first jewellery/music box, watched Planet 51 at V&A.. good fun, hake and chips at the aquarium, played at the aquarium until it closed.. Mia loves that ~ant-farm climbing area, Beta Beach sundowners with Georg, mini-pita and salad, watched Short and Sweet.. amusing to watch old Schuster movies.
  • Sunday, tea, Lion King 2, painting, gym, long swim with super seal Mia, smoothie, bumped into PW, aquarium photo session, dropped Mia off, Kauai, photo processing, a few beers at Carlyle's with Georg.
  • "Do you have any idea what we spent on that surrogate mother?" -- Georg, to a girl in Carlyle's who made some remark about 'should have used contraception' when we were talking about finding a babysitter who likes rock concert weekends.

  • First Mia takes my Tempur pillow, then she stretches out pushing me to the edge of a king size bed like only her mother could, but always keeping her feet pressed against me for comfort and security. Pity they are 3 only once.
  • I now take my own bags to the shops when I go shopping.. it's an easy new years resolution to tick off.
  • Ever worry about false memories? Like in Blade Runner. At least I have about 30k photos over 10yrs. That, is not easy to fake.. weird little comforts (-:
  • Go sign up for the January GeekDinner.

Back to school. Party's over. Move along.

Facebook friends backup

Extract your friends list from Facebook in XML.. without email addresses sadly:

Go here:

Response Format == XML

Method == fql.query

Run this query:

SELECT uid, first_name, last_name, name, birthday_date, sex, hometown_location, current_location, profile_url, profile_blurb, username, website FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = 638122456)

Change uid1 to your facebook ID.

Copy, paste, save.

ps. FQL is also handy for things like.. let's say you met a girl at a trance party, you know her name and that she attended an event.. but the event list is not in any useful order. Totally hypothetical.

Quick Update

Lasts week of 2009.. (this post is a bit late, holiday reasons)

  • Monday, Mia time, tea, Spirited Away, gym, swim, picked up a new A4.. while they fixed my roof, Tinka Tonka, lunch with Cath in Gardens Centre, shopping session.. got some big crates for all Mia's toys and art stuff, Beta Beach swim and photo session, tuna pasta, bath, reading, sleep.
  • "Your dad has a good sense of style, but his judgement is not very good" -- Cath, to Mia about cars and girls

  • Tuesday, tea, Spirited Away, gym, swim, got me an iPod boombox, braai in Bakoven, I made a good Chimichurri (bottom of the page).
  • "Why do you stretch so much dad?" -- Mia, I guess I do.

  • Realised I'm at ~25% of my working career.
  • Wednesday, Spirited Away, watermelon, Lego time, lunch with Jonathan at Kirstenbosch, walked around and took photos till 18:00, Naulene fetched Mia, burger at Sand Bar and a beer at Sapphire Bar with Georg.
  • Sapphire sucks.. sad to see Baraza turn into this.
  • Thursday, pizza with Keith at Doppio Zero in Green Point, drinks at home, NYE party in Llundudno with Cath and Parri, Gatecrasher party in the CBD with Georg, party in Camps Bay with Brandon and his LA movie star friend.
  • Weird the people you meet in Rikki's.
  • Friday, got up around sunrise, Prizm Resonance trance party with Georg and Keith.. very good fun indeed, I had a media pass to go take photos, put some mileage on the VFF's, got home just after sunset, watched Boondock Saints again.
  • Saturday, watched Knocked Up again, swim, Kauai, watched Invictus at the Labia.. pretty good, Mouille Point walk, watched Jumper.. entertaining.
  • "Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn't last 22 minutes. It lasts forever." -- Knocked Up

  • Sunday, domestic stuff.. washing etc, gym, photo processing, watched Avatar with Keith.. very good movie.
  • "No, they will never move. Why would they? For blue jeans and light beer? We have nothing they want." -- Avatar

  • Marriage photos as Facebook profile pics are super lame.
  • Gerjo asked if I really work 4 hours a week.. kinda. If you define work as forced labour then yes, the rest of the time I work on things I want to work on.
  • "Plaas my in 'n boks en merk dit 'veilig'. Stuur my dan waarheen al die dose gaan. Stuur my hemel toe, ek dink dis in die platteland." -- FPK, good lyrics

  • Mia can now stand in the gym swimming pool. She seems to stay about 18kg but she's getting taller. Her favourite movie is Spirited Away and her favourite song is Safe as Houses.
  • Got me a Tempur pillow. It's not cheap, but for 8h a night this seems like a good investment.

Have an exciting 2010 kids. Go big.