Quick Update

Lasts week of 2009.. (this post is a bit late, holiday reasons)

  • Monday, Mia time, tea, Spirited Away, gym, swim, picked up a new A4.. while they fixed my roof, Tinka Tonka, lunch with Cath in Gardens Centre, shopping session.. got some big crates for all Mia’s toys and art stuff, Beta Beach swim and photo session, tuna pasta, bath, reading, sleep.
  • “Your dad has a good sense of style, but his judgement is not very good” — Cath, to Mia about cars and girls

  • Tuesday, tea, Spirited Away, gym, swim, got me an iPod boombox, braai in Bakoven, I made a good Chimichurri (bottom of the page).
  • “Why do you stretch so much dad?” — Mia, I guess I do.

  • Realised I’m at ~25% of my working career.
  • Wednesday, Spirited Away, watermelon, Lego time, lunch with Jonathan at Kirstenbosch, walked around and took photos till 18:00, Naulene fetched Mia, burger at Sand Bar and a beer at Sapphire Bar with Georg.
  • Sapphire sucks.. sad to see Baraza turn into this.
  • Thursday, pizza with Keith at Doppio Zero in Green Point, drinks at home, NYE party in Llundudno with Cath and Parri, Gatecrasher party in the CBD with Georg, party in Camps Bay with Brandon and his LA movie star friend.
  • Weird the people you meet in Rikki’s.
  • Friday, got up around sunrise, Prizm Resonance trance party with Georg and Keith.. very good fun indeed, I had a media pass to go take photos, put some mileage on the VFF’s, got home just after sunset, watched Boondock Saints again.
  • Saturday, watched Knocked Up again, swim, Kauai, watched Invictus at the Labia.. pretty good, Mouille Point walk, watched Jumper.. entertaining.
  • “Marriage is like a tense, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn’t last 22 minutes. It lasts forever.” — Knocked Up

  • Sunday, domestic stuff.. washing etc, gym, photo processing, watched Avatar with Keith.. very good movie.
  • “No, they will never move. Why would they? For blue jeans and light beer? We have nothing they want.” — Avatar

  • Marriage photos as Facebook profile pics are super lame.
  • Gerjo asked if I really work 4 hours a week.. kinda. If you define work as forced labour then yes, the rest of the time I work on things I want to work on.
  • “Plaas my in ‘n boks en merk dit ‘veilig’. Stuur my dan waarheen al die dose gaan. Stuur my hemel toe, ek dink dis in die platteland.” — FPK, good lyrics

  • Mia can now stand in the gym swimming pool. She seems to stay about 18kg but she’s getting taller. Her favourite movie is Spirited Away and her favourite song is Safe as Houses.
  • Got me a Tempur pillow. It’s not cheap, but for 8h a night this seems like a good investment.

Have an exciting 2010 kids. Go big.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Yeah those marraige pics hey!

    I guess I can forgive the girls for doing so as it’s probably the time in their lifes that they look their best: pre-wedding weight control/the dress/make-up/smiling/excitement from actually looking forward to the sex as much as the guy, etc

    But for the guys out there using wedding pictures Id say: dont let the door hit you on your vigina on your way out! hehe

    That Rikkies comment about the people you run into is half the reason I use them btw Joe. Man, I think at that girl we saw and her fiance and I realise…my life is really, really great!

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