Thoughts on Avatar

Very very good movie, but not a top 10 movie, a bit too much fantasy like floating mountains and the “dark-green” thing.

Anyway, very entertaining, good plot, awesome CGI, plenty to think about. Like Aliens, Braveheart and Lord of the Rings.. a few epics all in one.

“They fought like warrior puppets” ..erm, warrior poets. (That’s from Braveheart btw.)

Loved the Aliens themes.. we had the marines, Vasquez, Burke and Ripley, even the space ships looked the same.

Liked the Warcraft’ish vibe, matched machine and animal warriors.

I like the way the movie challenges the ideas of cookie cutter consumerism and capitalism as a way of life and dominant force in our reality. Makes you want to become a hippie and go to trance parties every weekend. Haha.

So kids, if you liked Avatar but you have not seen Aliens, you must see Aliens.. that’s a top 10 movie.

ps. I hate Lord of the Rings.