Quick Update

A week of Edamame beans and taking photos for Keith’s book about Cape Town.

  • Monday, vitB shot and picked up some chill pills for a dentist visit, gym, watched Let the right one in at the Labia.. brilliant movie.. haunting actually, had a few beers with Dave at Greens.
  • I’m standardising on Hugo Boss Dark Blue again. Good memories.
  • “..and I convince people of the truth” — Me

  • “The thing about being addicted to brake fluid is you always feel you could stop at any time.” — Seen on Twitter somewhere.

  • Tuesday, garden services and pool cleaning, dentist, late lunch with Jonathan at Greens, watched 500 days of Summer at the Labia.. good movie.. a bit like the last 800 days of my life, brief Kink visit, Mouille Point walk.. bumped into Aiden and Cams, salad pita with a very good 4 star John Platter Merlot, fell asleep watching South Park.
  • Wednesday, ran to Clifton, swim, meeting at Greens with Jonathan, PW and Aiden, beer at Carlyle’s with Georg, Cardonnay and Edamame beans with Cath at Wakami, Karma, Sapphire and St Yves with Keith, Cath and Georg, some late night cooking at home.
  • Thursday, swim, dinner and photography and Nobu.. One&Only with Keith.. Edamame beans, 8 courses of awesome food.. the 2nd last course was sushi, three types of sake including an unfiltered sake, best crayfish ever.
  • I like sake.
  • Friday, routine medical check-up at Wellness Warehouse, gym, Orms visit, some house hunting, Mia time, Whisk(e)y tasting at Bascule.. while Mia made gingerbread men, dinner at Signal/Cape Grace with Keith.
  • So I phone Naulene and tells me she wants to take Mia overseas for a while. Made my blood pressure rise a bit more than my medical check-up was happy with.
  • Saturday, tea, watched Hercules, oysters at the Neighbour Goods Market.. bumped into Ernst and Benny, nap, swim, took Mia cycling on the Promenade for the 1st time, cooked Edemame beans, asparagus, broccoli and salad while Mia watched Hercules again, bath, Olivia*2, sleep.
  • “Fucking drones and ex-hippies” — Keith’s love for the neighbour goods market

  • Played with a Lensbaby, amusing.
  • Sunday, tea, Hercules, uber juice, made a slide show for Mia of the first 2 years of her life which she watches on the ~tv, gym, swim, smoothie, aquarium, Zebra and Giraffe at Kirstenbosch with Keith, bumped into Carla and Marianna, Beta Beach swim and play area, corn on the cob for supper, bath, Olivia*2, sleep.
  • btw. Mia’s mom’s second name is Olivia.
  • The Mia photo slide show idea is a bit of an experiment in getting her to remember her younger years better.. she seems to remember things like Rocking the Daisies and (pop) music I play in the car. It’s not easy to figure out what sticks. Only snag is that there are about 12k photos in her album (and growing), so at 3sec per photo I’ll keep her busy for 10 hours.
  • Two people have recently told me that when I start something I commit and make a success of it. Nice to get compliments like these.
  • Sam’s Town by The Killers seems to be my favourite gym album at the moment.
  • “They say the devil’s water, it ain’t so sweet. You don’t have to drink right now, but you can dip your feet. Every once in a little while…” — When You Were Young, Killers

  • Kinda figured out that Facebook is actually very read-only.. I often bump into people who never do anything on Facebook and they always comment on how busy I am on Facebook.
  • Tune of the week: L.A. by Amy Macdonald
  • “It’s so rock and roll to be alone.” — Mr Rock & Roll, Amy Macdonald

  • Dr Ernst spent ~R18k on a diamond and is getting married in Sept. I could buy a nice lens for that money.
  • I’m bad with giving compliments, I wish I was better.
  • “Why does he talk so sad?” — Mia after we talked to Thomas on the car phone.

  • This was the first week of our new 3days a week Mia and Dad routine.

Still getting used to the new year. Refocusing.