Quick Update

Getting ready for a few big changes..

  • Monday, tea, vitB shot, gym, run, swim, pizza at Knead, MTN science centre.. not bad, dropped Mia off, pretty much pulled my hair out in dealing with crazy bitch.. trying to explain why it’s a good idea to give a child antihistamines to prevent a flemmy cough, a few glasses.. erm, bottels of wine with Andrew at Henry’s, photo processing.
  • Tuesday, swim, general admin involving tea drinking and listening to music at home, a run to Bantry Bay, veggie dinner.
  • Wednesday, gym, dentist round 2, nap, Amobia exco meeting and pizza at Da Vinci’s kloof st.
  • Thursday, leftover pizza for breakfast, gym, lunch at the Wild Fig with Abz, dinner at Jonathan’s, a few beers with Georg at Carlyle’s.
  • Friday, early Beta Beach walk, a good VC meeting, lunch with Theo and Paul in Stellenbosch, a bit of a technology entrepreneurs get-together in Somerset West (it still needs a name), fetched Mia, shopping for the braai, swim, Mia watched a Winnie the Pooh movie, veggie dinner with some very good Jordan Nine Yards Chardonnay, made some Chimichuri sauce.
  • Saturday, gym, swim, smoothie, braai and pool party in Bakoven.
  • Sunday, tea, nap, Fokofpolisiekar at Kirstenbosch photo session, pizza at Carlyle’s with Georg.
  • This custody and maintenance stalemate and inertia with crazy b.. is getting a bit frustrating now.
  • I was reading about.. Concerted Cultivation vs Slow Parenting. A guess a mix is best.
  • CTSP have no idea how to handle constructive criticism. Muppets.
  • I have to really start looking for a place to live after Feb.. but I guess moving is refreshing. Time to dump some unused stuff.

Have a fun week.