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Quick Update

A week of relationship pains all around.. 3 friends on the point of ending relationships it seems..

  • Monday, tea, watched Mulan, smoothie, gym, swim, lunch with Naulene at Knead, house shopping.
  • Tuesday, swim, webui design session, photo processing, had an interesting chat with a life coach, dinner at Nobu with Jonathan and Georg.
  • The life coach asked me what the overriding emotion was I was experiencing over the last 6 months: excitement / optimism.
  • Idea of the week: are we asking the right questions?
  • Finally finished reading Outliers.
  • Wednesday, admin day at home, swim, work, Beta Beach swim with Ingi, UX forum meeting at the Barn.
  • That big Telkom sponsor banner in the reception area of the Bandwidth Barn is a sad sight.
  • Thursday, lawyer meeting, another (unproductive) lawyer meeting, lunch with Aiden, a run to Clifton, TF meeting.
  • The only upside to the lawyer meeting was to see Naulene’s lawyer roll her eyes every time Naulene went on some emotional tangent rant.. that “they don’t pay me enough for this ….” look.
  • I was pondering Mia’s mom’s decision tree.. when I realised she had fallen out of the decision tree a long time ago.
  • This week we discovered that the hot waitress index does not take hippie behaviour into account.
  • Friday, up early to get my car serviced, breakfast on the green sofa (Crush), gym, swim, pizza at Bravado with Andrew, Naulene dropped Mia off, toy shop, food shopping, book shop, a visit to Sidewalk Cafe.. Mia did some party tricks with her iPod.
  • “That gay midget waiter must get some interesting requests around this neighbourhood.” — Andrew

  • “The butcher, the baker and the leather jacket maker.” — Andrew

  • Saturday, tea, made fresh juice, gym.. where I bumped into Naulene’s lawyer, swim, braai in Bakoven with Georg and Parri.
  • Mia really seems to like driving lifts. She’s very good at controlling where we go.. -1) parking, 0) food, 1) gym.
  • Sunday, tea, watched Spirited Away, smoothie, admin, moved Mia’s toys into her new play room, gym, swim, smoothie, tea and cupcakes with Thomas at Lazari De Waterkant, De Waal park with Bella and Alexander, swim, bath, dinosaur pasta salad, read Jumping Jade, sleep.
  • Tune of the week: Bad Day, R.E.M.
  • This ten year detox program is working well.. sorry, ten day detox.
  • “I’m thinking that having to relocate is looking not as potentially vital as anticipated.” — Naulene.. I shit you not.

Last thought: hippies.. stop selling heart attacks, we’re all stocked up. Go find real jobs.

The Way I Work : Round 2

7 months later.. the follow up to : The Way I Work.

Again you may recognise some of this from‘s blog. I still see Matt as the benchmark for the new productive geeky entrepreneur.

The new Joe at work:

On a good morning there’s no alarm clock. I wake up with the sun. I make tea (I don’t drink coffee). I put on some music. I check my mail, Facebook, news feeds and Twitter. In that order.

I’d like to say I read business books or even novels, but I probably only read about one book per month at the moment. I just finished Outliers.

I don’t really have an office at the moment but I go to Frogfoot’s office maybe once a week to process and upload my photos. The rest of the time I work from home in Bakoven (kinda like a seaside village inside Cape Town) or I’m a mobile warrior working from coffee shops or any random location.

I often work for about an hour or two at home before going to gym or I walk up Lions Head early in the morning. At the gym I go for a morning cycle, power-plate, weights and swim. I find morning exercise suits me.. easier to plan and get it over with.

My preference is to work from home where I have a good selection of music, nice views, a 26″ LCD and a Herman Miller Aeron chair.

I use mostly email and mailing lists for communications. A bit of Skype, Facebook and Twitter.. but I maintain my own micro-blog which syndicates to Twitter, so I don’t see myself as really using Twitter. I very rarely use the SIP phone on my desk and these days I seem to do most of my required telephone time in the car (with a Bluetooth car kit). I figure driving is pretty unproductive time so I may as well catch up with a few people. I use Mutt.. it’s a text based mail client. I’ve been using it for more than 10 years.

In my home office is a Macbook Pro 13″.. nice and portable, but with 8GB memory so it’s snappy. I have a Nokia E71, which I guess is also part of my home office, but I’m thinking about getting a new phone. iPhone seems cool, still have to convince myself about the closed nature of it. Oh, and there is an Ubuntu PC in the lounge that plays the tunes, or movies for Mia.

At the office I have a Debian Linux workstation and a Mac. I say workstation because it’s a pretty high end machine with redundant disks in a fat server casing. I have two LCDs on my desk, not linked.

Most of what I do happens on my laptop now. The keyboard is, of course, Dvorak, a more efficient keyboard layout that I switched to 8 years ago.

My biggest time-suck is email. I used to have a pretty complex procmail setup to sort mail into 42 different inboxes. I’m getting better, I’m down to about 20. I send about 800 emails on a busy month. I sadly check emails every 10 to 15 minutes. I often respond immediately.. if it’s a small bite-size thing. If it’s more complex I flag it and work on it later. I keep my primary inbox below 15 emails.

I like to listen listen to music all day. There’s a lot of jazz, Madeleine Peyroux, also things like Fleetwood Mac, The Talking Heads, Morcheeba and R.E.M. I use a pair of Sennheiser headphones at the office and I have a pretty cool hifi system at home.

I seem to have two modes of working. 1) Road Warrior 2) Apply bottom to chair. On “road warrior” days anything goes, meetings, short projects, emails, phone calls etc. On “Apply bottom to seat” days I make a list of longer attention span projects and try to complete one or two. I also have a “working out of phase” mode usually starting at around 20:00 and working till 0:00ish.

I don’t do much people management these days. I don’t think I’m that bad at it, it just got a bit much at some point, so I try not to demand much time and effort from people around me. Working with self-motivated people rocks!

I go out for lunch on road warrior days, which fits well with my preference for no meetings before 10:00. Most mornings I just make myself an uber-healthy smoothy which I’m almost convinced is really all I need to eat. Weekends are usually fresh juice days. I love making fresh juice.

In general, I’m pretty organised, not often late and good at keeping a schedule. I don’t have a PA at the moment, but it seems like a good idea. I don’t like to travel (for work). I try to limit things like Joburg trips to about 1 per year. I’m very happy in Cape Town.

My primary job is MD and Product Owner of a new start-up called TrustFabric. I recently sold my shares in three businesses so I can focus on this one project. A big, scary, global, change the world idea that’s been bugging me for the last 6 years.. a.k.a. a dream. I believe in the idea that we are drawn to exciting projects and happiness is a product of excitement.

I used to do lots of non-profit work (WAPA and ISPA). It was fun to unfocus, but I’m very happy to be focused again.

I’ve been called a “social media slut”. I like to network, meet interesting people, connect people and ideas and generally have fun with social networking. I help organise GeekDinners and I often speak at geeky events.

My photos are autobiographical — though I have a good memory, photos help trigger memories. I’m maybe a bit overly sentimental about photos. If the difference between an amateur photographer and a pro is that the amateur shows you everything they shoot.. I’m an amateur.. but I also have a photoblog now where I publish my better work. I need to have a bit more discipline in keeping the photoblog active.

I have a Canon 5DmkII SLR at the moment and I sometimes take photos with my little waterproof Canon Powershot D10. I have two lenses for the 5D: a 16-35mm f/2.8 wide angle and a 85mm f/1.2. I like these because they are so different to what the human eye can do, the first is very wide and the second lets through an insane amount of light. I’ll probably get a nice zoom lens soon.

I never really cared to build an audience for my blog. I blog for me and maybe about 15 friends.. and Mia, my daughter who is almost 4yo, if she cares to read the stuff I write one day. I try to at least write one post per week.. a brief bullet list style diary of sorts. The rest of my posts are a bit random.. I write when I feel like it. I figure I have about 70 regular readers.

I used to go out for every meal, but I’m getting better at simple and practical cooking. To be honest I really only make an effort to cook when Mia is around. I’ve taken and published about 2400 photos so far this year (two months).. I published about 11000 photos in 2009. Probably about 60% of these are from time I spend with Mia. She’s fun to work with as my primary model.

My blog does not get lot of comments but I read and manually approve each one. I’ll happily approve a comment from someone who completely disagrees with everything I believe in. In fact I really appreciate it when people point out when I’m wrong. What is a mind worth if it can’t be changed right?

I’m a bit sad that Twitter seems to have taken over much of the blogging time of the friends around me. I love reading interesting blogs. I like it when people sit down and do some longer attention span writing on a topic close to them.

I do my best work mid-morning and late at night. Some people don’t need sleep, but I actually need 8 hours a night.

On weekends I don’t do much work, mostly because I’m entertaining Mia, but I still check email or write the odd blog post after I put Mia to bed. I now see Mia 3 days a week. In some ways it’s nice.. work life separation vs. work life balance. I think many people have flexible work times (balance) but clear “no work” times (separation) are good.

Yes, my Mom reads my blog.

I would have loved to write about a really cool open source software project, rapid growth stats, building something which would last 15years+, BDFL role and 24-hour nature of a business… then again, we have to leave something to aspire to. Still not there yet, but I think I’m much closer. I’m in the process of convincing people to invest in our new project which has an open source business model.. you could call it a bit of an “ethical empire” business model. Doing well and doing good.

I’d like to read about how other people work, so if you find this useful, please write your story and link here. I think it’s useful to track how we evolve in out quests to work smarter.

Quick Update

A week of shock, little sleep and Bircher Muesli.. hard to say if Knead’s or Neo’s is the best..

  • Monday, monthly health check-up and vitB shot.. made some good progress (lost 4kg, 18% drop in cholesterol), book shop, Bitcher Muesli at Knead.. very yum, gym, swim, dropped Mia off, photo safari with Andy around Stellenbosch, Glen Beach walk, astronaut smoothy, business plan writing.
  • When you put 13 ingredients in a smoothy it gets a bit hard to name it.. I just call it the astronaut smoothy.. it’s like a green brown, but it tastes good.
  • Tuesday, day of working at home, ran to Bantry Bay with the new Nike+ toys, dinner with Keith at Bravado, almost fell off my chair reading a legal document informing me that Naulene wants to take Mia to Germany permanently, major sense of humour failure.
  • I’m fed up with all the heart attacks. I think we have a winner in the category of best way to make other people feel the impact of your poor choices in life. Is there an Ayn Rand pill I can administer? It’s not easy working when somebody is busy plotting to take your child away.
  • Wednesday, working from home, day of nasty phone calls and talking to lawyers, TF meeting, a run to Bantry Bay, a walk on Clifton, business plan writing.
  • Thursday, meeting with Edward and Caveau, bumped into Gia, lunch with Dave at Greens, business card printing, Talking Heads at the natural history museum.. good fun.
  • Friday, Lions Head walk with Dave Duarte, tea with Simon at Neo, lunch with Chris, presented on TrustFabric at an entrepreneurship group in Somerset West (which still needs a name), fetched Mia, supper, bath, read Planet51 book, sleep.
  • Saturday, tea, watched Mulan, made juice, gym, swim, Knead pizza, toy shop, made Mia a music compilation (on her iPod), nap, Beta Beach session.
  • From Twitter:
    “Not until you go all in does the Universe really believe you want something. Dipping a toe in the water ain’t swimming.”
    “One day Batbro wil wake up and realise that Bruce Wayne is the costume.”

  • Sunday, tea, watched Mulan, made juice, Geek Cricket visit, Knead, gym, swim, nap, Keith’s farewell dinner at Simply Asia in Park rd.. he’s off to the US, Mexico and Japan.
  • I was thinking, it’s interesting how my journey in business naturally progressed to a wider scope.. Frogfoot: mostly Stellenbosch and Cape Town, Amobia: Cape Town then Joburg, Teraco: Cape Town and Joburg, TrustFabric: Global.
  • I think the recession is over.. based on the Cape Town hot waitress index.. the hotter the waitresses, the weaker the economy.

We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight..

Talking Heads

I presented a few ideas around the need for TrustFabric at a Talking Heads session last night.. part of the Infecting the City movement.

There were 100 visitors and 50 “talking heads”: 4 * 20min sessions with 2 people.

I was expecting to get feedback from more than 8 people, but at least this way they could all ask questions and I could figure out their concerns.

I had to explain why peer review and open source is a good idea a few times.

Most people loved the idea. At the end of the session I asked them to say if they would use it by placing a card in a red or green box.

I got 7/8 (yes votes).

The person which I think voted that she would not use it was a muppet.. but then again I guess I’m supposed to say that. She obviously did not get the idea.

The other cool bit is that over the break/stacks time I was walking around and overheard somebody who attended my session explaining TrustFabric to his friends. Seems to suggest it’s word of mouth-worthy.

Closed Alpha starts around mid March kids.

Making some changes in 2010

My new years resolution (NYR) post is long overdue. I’ve been busy.. but I made a few notes on the topic.

I just looked at my 2009 NYR post.. which I’m not going to link to. At least one item worked out well.. “Start one new project (yes, just one)”.. and I’m happy with the status of my “Be a good dad” resolution.

Moving on..

2010 seems to be a year of big changes.

I’m moving house again soon. I quit drinking. I sold my shares in Frogfoot.. which was a bit of a weird feeling. It has been a part of me for 10 years. I’m about to sell my shares in Amobia, probably signing the paperwork this week.. I probably need to update my homepage and blog theme soon.

So where does this leave me.. unemployed?, self-employed? ..master of my own personal little Wayne Enterprises / Joe, Inc… now what? I guess I could go for the About a Boy 30min-time-slot lifestyle or become a diving instructor and chill on a beach somewhere?

Nope. Not very exciting. Time to re-focus.

I’m focusing my efforts on the new project: TrustFabric. Maybe I’ll tell you what it’s all about soon.

The end game..

What should I be spending my time on in 2010? Hmm…

Let’s see.. this is simple, all I want is.. an R8 spyder, a house in Nettleton road and a woman like Anne Hathaway.

..but I guess that’s not a valid answer. We all know.. getting there is all the fun.

Some thoughts..

  • Cape Town is Rome.. I’m not going anywhere.. and I’m privileged to live here.
  • Stress kills. Health through happiness.
  • Have a dream.. it’s the only way to change the world.
  • Figure out what you should be optimising.. what has impact?
  • Success is about spotting value before others do.
  • Change is a process not an event.
  • Apply bottom to chair.. work hard. (..and I’m not talking about forced labour, I’m talking about things you want to do)

About those NYR’s..

1) Go big. Make a big success of the new project.

2) Health. You can’t really live like a rock star after 30.

3) Awareness and consciousness. Sounds all fuzzy, but it’s something I want to work on.

4) Be better at selecting good photos and publishing them.

5) Travel. See two or three new countries.

Passion fruit and soda please

Some of my friends may want to be sitting down before reading this.

Yes kids, I’ve had a good innings but I’ve given up drinking, for good. It’s been a bit more than two weeks since my last drink.

My reason: forward momentum. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Being good feels good.

I just got tired of waking up not really feeling like doing something productive. Tired of having a reason not to go to gym or go for a run. Tired of smoky environments. Tired of let’s face it.. the last legal drug and supporting the industry built around it.

By far the most challenging part is the social pressure.. which you can easily hack around by saying stuff like.. “February is a sober month for me” (insert current month).. it seems to be socially OK to quit for _one_ month.

So I’ll be drinking passion fruit and soda or rock shandy if you want to buy me a drink.

..all hail st. Joe ;-P

Quick Update

Dig the life fantastic..

  • Monday, gym, swim, smoothie, dropped Mia off, photo processing, ~drinks at Carlyle’s with Georg and Madeleine, awesome prawns in pastry dish at Sidewalk Cafe.. the cheesecake is better than the bread and butter pudding, btw.
  • Tuesday, bloggers tour of FireID and Mxit in Stellenbosch, TF brand workshop #2 at Aiden’s, got stuck in traffic for about an hour.. note to self, never ever travel when all the suckers use the roads, fetched Keith at hospital.. he had a wisdom tooth removed, a run to Bantry Bay and a Clifton beach walk, bumped into nbm.
  • Crossed the 600 FB friends mark.
  • Naulene thinks I should go find myself a girlfriend with lots of free time.
  • Wednesday, CITI breakfast workshop at Sinn’s.. bumped into Maz, gym, dentist round 4, green sofa at Crush, quick TF brand meeting with Cath, Cath farewell drinks/snacks at Sinn’s.
  • “You can’t catch a mermaid Joe.” — Naulene

  • Thursday, Fred dropped off Mia’s new iPod Touch, lawyer meeting.. about Mia custody, gadget shopping.. cover, mic, headphones, smoothie ingredient shopping, TF meeting.
  • (I hope) the world has evolved so people are now on a first name basis with their local health shop owner rather than their local chemist.
  • My lawyer pointed out that in terms of awake-hours I actually spend more time with her than her mom does.
  • Seems the South African laws on custody improved dramatically around 2008.. which by default gives the father shared custody.. and implies the mother needs consent for the child’s departure/removal from SA.

    The law has effectively developed so as to remove marriage as being the yardstick against which fathers get measured when it comes to their rights. In terms of The Children’s Act, a father (if the couple is unmarried) gets full parental responsibilities and rights as well provided that he was with the mother in a “permanent life-partnership” at the time of the child’s birth.

    Should the relationship between the parents end, he has the right to enter into a Parental Responsibilities and Rights Agreement with the mother, which is then registered with the Office of the Family Advocate OR made an Order of Court. The High Court is the upper guardian of all children and any agreement between the parents about the child will be measured against what is in the best interests of the child. — From a memo by Nicci Ferguson Attorneys

  • Mia loves the iPod.. she figured out the touch interface very quickly. The idea with the iPod is that I can talk to her in the week and she can phone her gran.
  • Friday, pretty much spent the day at Neo with Phil and Jonathan, nap, Naulene dropped Mia off, Beta Beach sunset walk, Mia had a video chat with her gran, bath and hair wash, sleep.
  • “With great power comes great responsibility.” — Peter Parker

  • I’ve been invited to give a talk at an Infecting the City event: UCT Graduate School of Business Talking Heads.
  • Saturday, uber juice, watched Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Waterfront.. brilliant movie, made us feel like 3yo’s mature beyond our years, smoothie, got new swimwear and Nikeplus toy, gourmet pancakes for lunch, gym, swim, Valentines pastries at Knead, Deer Park, book shop to get a Planet51 and Fantastic Mr. Fox book, Joe’s pasta salad, bath, read Mr Fox book, sleep.
  • We also have the Fantastic Mr. Fox audio book for the car.
  • The Waterfront is a place tourists go to see tourists.
  • Kinda cool how some of Mia’s old dresses are now tops.. but she still loves to wear them.
  • My Nikeplus profile:, I’ve had a few heart rate monitors and toys like these so I know it’s only going to amuse me for a month or two, but I figure it’s good motivation to go running.
  • I must say the Nikeplus UX sucks. Setting the thing up is a pain. Calibrating it makes very little sense. The website is pretty. I’ll keep playing.
  • Sunday, watched a Pooh Bear movie, gym, swim, pizza at Knead, sinful ice cream, Parlatones at D’Aria, which to quote Mr Fox was a total cluster-cuss to the point where I did not take any photos of the show, bath, read the Planet51 book, sleep.
  • I should really make a few panoramic pics again.. guess the wide angle lens makes me lazy.
  • Mia was asking about why people have to get up early when I realised she does not really have a concept of a parent with a 9-5 job.
  • Oh, and just before you think I’m strange getting Mia and iPod at 3yo, consider having a real early adopter for a dad, somebody like Henk (-;
  • Tune of the week: I gotta feeling, Black eyed peas.. well, Mia loves it.
  • Album of the week: Odd Blood, Yeasayer.
  • My new swimming goggles are such a pleasure.

Have a fun week kids. I’m still in business plan mode.

FireID and Mxit tour

A few bloggers toured the FireID and Mxit offices on Tuesday morning. It was good fun. Big thanks to Dave and our hosts. A few random notes..


Two very different cultures with the same major challenge.. to make good quality software work on ~2000 different mobile phone handsets. (not a problem I want to have)


  • Interesting views on agile dev, teams, dev cycles.. 3 week cycles seem optimal.
  • Very interesting practical use of automated testing.. with lava lamps.
  • Have a dedicated product owner in the team.
  • Fun employment tactics.. the geek cartoon test was awesome.
  • Good idea to keep your working environment human. “Lab” culture.
  • Good idea to have a few group activities, go surfing, hiking etc.
  • Whiteboards everywhere.


  • Interesting how they do human content moderation.
  • 2010 will be the year in which the battle for the mobile wallet is won.
  • Interesting insights on the collision course of banks, MNO’s and reserve banks.
  • Danger of distraction, even if it’s creative and cool, manage your pipeline of projects, keep focus.
  • It takes about 5years to get there.

“Not having a clear goal leads to death by a thousand compromises” — seen on a wall at FireID

Zooming out.. I think you have one shot at getting known for something. Your brand can own one idea in the mind of the consumer.. Google = search. Facebook = friends. Mxit = cheap sms. FireID = OTP without the problem of hardware distribution. It’s very very hard to be more than one thing.. even if your investors are pushing you to find more revenue streams.

Lastly, please would they change that insanely ugly typeface for the sign as you drive into Technopark.. very 80s.

As you were.

Quick Update

Week of upgrades and becoming a Mac Kiddie again..

  • Monday, carwash, gym, photo processing, Clifton walk, veggie dinner at Henk’s.
  • Ingi moved out, Kris moved in. Ingi is now living with BB.
  • February is the best month in Cape Town, nice weather, less tourists.
  • Tuesday, admin, pool cleaning, home PC upgrade (extra 1TB and nvidia card), walked from Vredehoek to Andy’s lookout spot along the cable car contour road with Georg, very good lentil moussaka at Sidewalk Cafe, Waiting Room with Henk, Elodie and Karen, dinks at Julep.
  • Henk has this theory that there is an over-supply of woman in Cape Town, that’s why so many nice girls tolerate losers.
  • Wednesday, TF brand strategy workshop at Aiden’s with Jonathan, Posticino pizza at Posticino, nap, run to Bantry Bay.
  • Thursday, tea with Jaco at Neo, installed the new MacBook Pro, big backup day, TF meeting, nice Thai yellow beef curry at Carlyle’s with Georg.
  • I do a big off-site backup every 3 months. It’s about 100GB now (not counting any audio/video). A terabyte seemed like a lot of space a while ago.. not so much now, but it still takes forever to move around.. you can tell I’ve been creating RAID sets?
  • I’m a Mac kiddie again. Actually not much has changed since the v10.3 days. I now have a MacBook Pro 13″ with 8GB memory, a Magic Mouse, Apple keyboard, 26″ LCD and Griffin elevator stand… all working very nicely together. Oh, and a groovy exo-skeleton-like Crumpler Gentleman Farmer bag.
  • Lesson of the week.. don’t be afraid to pay for expert skills, it’s quicker than doing it yourself and you learn a lot in the process.
  • One more lesson.. stand for something. Some people will love you and some will hate you, which is way better than not even being noticed.
  • I’ve been pondering two things this week.. that point where you act on strong instinct.. and, the question you ask yourself after you created something.. is it beautiful?
  • Friday, breakfast with Jonathan at Crush, gym, business plan workshop at the Barn, fetched Mia, Orms visit, sunset Beta Beach walk to play with the new circular polariser.
  • I had a chat with a friend recently.. I asked something like “how is fatherhood treating you?”.. he commented that it’s a bit strenuous on the relationship between him and his wife.. and mentioned that it’s hard without a support network of grandparents who live nearby. Statistically, many relationships end in the 1st year of having children. You can probably guess why this is interesting to me. Even more interesting is unsupportive grandparents who do live nearby.
  • I think I’m an excellent ex (-;
  • Saturday, uber juice, gym, swim, lunch at Depasco with Keith and Georg.. try the balsamic chicken sandwich on yellow corn bread, photo safari around Cape Town CBD with Keith, snacks at the Eastern Food Bazaar.
  • Sunday, uber juice, stuffed ourselves with watermelon, gym, swim, picnic at Kirstenbosch.. watched aKING with Debby, Georg, Gerjo etc.. seems Mia was not so impressed, more watermelon, awesome sunset, great light.
  • Selecting good photos is turning out to be harder than taking them.. it involves discipline and routine.
  • I think I need to change the way I answer my phone.
  • Tune of the week: Why Do I Keep Counting?, Sam’s Town, The Killers.
  • Mia seems to like The Killers.
  • “Stuckness shouldn’t be avoided. It’s the psychic predecessor of all real understanding. An egoless acceptance of stuckness is a key to an understanding of all Quality, in mechanical work as in other endeavors.” — R. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  • I’m thinking of making Mia a compilation of all the music from her 3rd year. She’s turning 4 at the end of March.. “Full of stuff she likes. Full of stuff that make her happy.”

Have a fun week kids.

5 songs to play at my funeral

  1. Electrolite – R.E.M.
  2. Corduroy – Pearl Jam
  3. Rain King – Counting Crows
  4. Dig For Fire – Pixies
  5. 3:45 No Sleep – The Cardigans

..oh, most of the stuff from the Wes Anderson movies and obviously Disintegration by The Cure.

Quick Update

No idea what intro to use for this week’s post..

  • Monday, tea, Toy Story, gym, swim, smoothie, aquarium, Naulene fetched Mia, bought 3 electric toothbrushes.. 2 for Mia’s 2*N redundant lifestyle, walked from Vredehoek to the Kings Blockhouse with Georg, beer and supper at Sidewalk Cafe.. nice pot of mussels.. nice spot to watch the sun set behind Lions Head.
  • I always figured electric toothbrushes were a gimmick, not so, my dentist suggested I get one, I agree, just feels cleaner.
  • Tuesday, sold my shares in Frogfoot, photo processing, a run to Clifton 1 and a beach walk, cocktail at Kyoto Garden Sushi, dinner at Sidewalk Cafe with Keith, Georg and Parri.. very good calamari and awesome cheesecake.
  • It’s funny when you are in a beautiful environment without a camera it somehow forces you to be a bit more conscious of the moment.
  • Wednesday, gym, dentist round 3, GeekDinner at the Wild Fig.
  • I think facebook is more like TV than we’d like to admit. I read a study that claimed about 70% of facebook users have a read-only experience. I think it’s probably worse than that. Just because people have the ability to publish and interact does not change they way they consume. So instead of having 200 TV channels they may now have 500. So much for the read-write culture idea.
  • Thursday, lots of admin, lunch at Gourmet Burger with Abz, ordered a Macbook Pro (with 8GB memory), TF meeting, a late veggie dinner.
  • Friday, gym, breakfast at Crush with Jonathan, haircut at B’s, Orms visit to shop for a polariser, Canon S90 seems pretty cool, hardware shopping, Cavendish to buy a few shirts, burger at Royale with Georg.. try the Jack Daniels and peanut butter milkshake, Neighbourhood.. try the Mojito Okinawa, Mint Julep at Julep, La Vie with Aiden and Cams.
  • “Manners are a great thing.” — Aiden

  • “Drive it like it’s stolen.” — Mark at Julep

  • Saturday, Origin with Georg, watched The GODS first gig at the Hidden Celler.. very good, Akker.
  • Loads of fun walking around Origin at dusk with the 85mm.
  • Thank god for that Paul van Dyk CD.
  • “The deafening sound of fuckall.” — Andrew, about Origin starting at 13:00

  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, breakfast at the Blue Orange with Cath and Parri, Andrew’s birthday braai, dropped Mia off.
  • I figure this is a good week to stop drinking. For a long time.

Lots of photos to go process now..