Quick Update

No idea what intro to use for this week’s post..

  • Monday, tea, Toy Story, gym, swim, smoothie, aquarium, Naulene fetched Mia, bought 3 electric toothbrushes.. 2 for Mia’s 2*N redundant lifestyle, walked from Vredehoek to the Kings Blockhouse with Georg, beer and supper at Sidewalk Cafe.. nice pot of mussels.. nice spot to watch the sun set behind Lions Head.
  • I always figured electric toothbrushes were a gimmick, not so, my dentist suggested I get one, I agree, just feels cleaner.
  • Tuesday, sold my shares in Frogfoot, photo processing, a run to Clifton 1 and a beach walk, cocktail at Kyoto Garden Sushi, dinner at Sidewalk Cafe with Keith, Georg and Parri.. very good calamari and awesome cheesecake.
  • It’s funny when you are in a beautiful environment without a camera it somehow forces you to be a bit more conscious of the moment.
  • Wednesday, gym, dentist round 3, GeekDinner at the Wild Fig.
  • I think facebook is more like TV than we’d like to admit. I read a study that claimed about 70% of facebook users have a read-only experience. I think it’s probably worse than that. Just because people have the ability to publish and interact does not change they way they consume. So instead of having 200 TV channels they may now have 500. So much for the read-write culture idea.
  • Thursday, lots of admin, lunch at Gourmet Burger with Abz, ordered a Macbook Pro (with 8GB memory), TF meeting, a late veggie dinner.
  • Friday, gym, breakfast at Crush with Jonathan, haircut at B’s, Orms visit to shop for a polariser, Canon S90 seems pretty cool, hardware shopping, Cavendish to buy a few shirts, burger at Royale with Georg.. try the Jack Daniels and peanut butter milkshake, Neighbourhood.. try the Mojito Okinawa, Mint Julep at Julep, La Vie with Aiden and Cams.
  • “Manners are a great thing.” — Aiden

  • “Drive it like it’s stolen.” — Mark at Julep

  • Saturday, Origin with Georg, watched The GODS first gig at the Hidden Celler.. very good, Akker.
  • Loads of fun walking around Origin at dusk with the 85mm.
  • Thank god for that Paul van Dyk CD.
  • “The deafening sound of fuckall.” — Andrew, about Origin starting at 13:00

  • Sunday, woke up in Stellenbosch, fetched Mia, breakfast at the Blue Orange with Cath and Parri, Andrew’s birthday braai, dropped Mia off.
  • I figure this is a good week to stop drinking. For a long time.

Lots of photos to go process now..

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  1. I think it’s best to have an electric and a old-fashioned toothbrush and use both.

    Also, it feels kind of weird that you sold your Frogfoot shares, you’ve been associated with FF for like… forever :)

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