Making some changes in 2010

My new years resolution (NYR) post is long overdue. I’ve been busy.. but I made a few notes on the topic.

I just looked at my 2009 NYR post.. which I’m not going to link to. At least one item worked out well.. “Start one new project (yes, just one)”.. and I’m happy with the status of my “Be a good dad” resolution.

Moving on..

2010 seems to be a year of big changes.

I’m moving house again soon. I quit drinking. I sold my shares in Frogfoot.. which was a bit of a weird feeling. It has been a part of me for 10 years. I’m about to sell my shares in Amobia, probably signing the paperwork this week.. I probably need to update my homepage and blog theme soon.

So where does this leave me.. unemployed?, self-employed? ..master of my own personal little Wayne Enterprises / Joe, Inc… now what? I guess I could go for the About a Boy 30min-time-slot lifestyle or become a diving instructor and chill on a beach somewhere?

Nope. Not very exciting. Time to re-focus.

I’m focusing my efforts on the new project: TrustFabric. Maybe I’ll tell you what it’s all about soon.

The end game..

What should I be spending my time on in 2010? Hmm…

Let’s see.. this is simple, all I want is.. an R8 spyder, a house in Nettleton road and a woman like Anne Hathaway.

..but I guess that’s not a valid answer. We all know.. getting there is all the fun.

Some thoughts..

  • Cape Town is Rome.. I’m not going anywhere.. and I’m privileged to live here.
  • Stress kills. Health through happiness.
  • Have a dream.. it’s the only way to change the world.
  • Figure out what you should be optimising.. what has impact?
  • Success is about spotting value before others do.
  • Change is a process not an event.
  • Apply bottom to chair.. work hard. (..and I’m not talking about forced labour, I’m talking about things you want to do)

About those NYR’s..

1) Go big. Make a big success of the new project.

2) Health. You can’t really live like a rock star after 30.

3) Awareness and consciousness. Sounds all fuzzy, but it’s something I want to work on.

4) Be better at selecting good photos and publishing them.

5) Travel. See two or three new countries.