Quick Update

Dig the life fantastic..

  • Monday, gym, swim, smoothie, dropped Mia off, photo processing, ~drinks at Carlyle’s with Georg and Madeleine, awesome prawns in pastry dish at Sidewalk Cafe.. the cheesecake is better than the bread and butter pudding, btw.
  • Tuesday, bloggers tour of FireID and Mxit in Stellenbosch, TF brand workshop #2 at Aiden’s, got stuck in traffic for about an hour.. note to self, never ever travel when all the suckers use the roads, fetched Keith at hospital.. he had a wisdom tooth removed, a run to Bantry Bay and a Clifton beach walk, bumped into nbm.
  • Crossed the 600 FB friends mark.
  • Naulene thinks I should go find myself a girlfriend with lots of free time.
  • Wednesday, CITI breakfast workshop at Sinn’s.. bumped into Maz, gym, dentist round 4, green sofa at Crush, quick TF brand meeting with Cath, Cath farewell drinks/snacks at Sinn’s.
  • “You can’t catch a mermaid Joe.” — Naulene

  • Thursday, Fred dropped off Mia’s new iPod Touch, lawyer meeting.. about Mia custody, gadget shopping.. cover, mic, headphones, smoothie ingredient shopping, TF meeting.
  • (I hope) the world has evolved so people are now on a first name basis with their local health shop owner rather than their local chemist.
  • My lawyer pointed out that in terms of awake-hours I actually spend more time with her than her mom does.
  • Seems the South African laws on custody improved dramatically around 2008.. which by default gives the father shared custody.. and implies the mother needs consent for the child’s departure/removal from SA.

    The law has effectively developed so as to remove marriage as being the yardstick against which fathers get measured when it comes to their rights. In terms of The Children’s Act, a father (if the couple is unmarried) gets full parental responsibilities and rights as well provided that he was with the mother in a “permanent life-partnership” at the time of the child’s birth.

    Should the relationship between the parents end, he has the right to enter into a Parental Responsibilities and Rights Agreement with the mother, which is then registered with the Office of the Family Advocate OR made an Order of Court. The High Court is the upper guardian of all children and any agreement between the parents about the child will be measured against what is in the best interests of the child. — From a memo by Nicci Ferguson Attorneys

  • Mia loves the iPod.. she figured out the touch interface very quickly. The idea with the iPod is that I can talk to her in the week and she can phone her gran.
  • Friday, pretty much spent the day at Neo with Phil and Jonathan, nap, Naulene dropped Mia off, Beta Beach sunset walk, Mia had a video chat with her gran, bath and hair wash, sleep.
  • “With great power comes great responsibility.” — Peter Parker

  • I’ve been invited to give a talk at an Infecting the City event: UCT Graduate School of Business Talking Heads.
  • Saturday, uber juice, watched Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Waterfront.. brilliant movie, made us feel like 3yo’s mature beyond our years, smoothie, got new swimwear and Nikeplus toy, gourmet pancakes for lunch, gym, swim, Valentines pastries at Knead, Deer Park, book shop to get a Planet51 and Fantastic Mr. Fox book, Joe’s pasta salad, bath, read Mr Fox book, sleep.
  • We also have the Fantastic Mr. Fox audio book for the car.
  • The Waterfront is a place tourists go to see tourists.
  • Kinda cool how some of Mia’s old dresses are now tops.. but she still loves to wear them.
  • My Nikeplus profile: http://my.nike.com/swimgeek ..now, I’ve had a few heart rate monitors and toys like these so I know it’s only going to amuse me for a month or two, but I figure it’s good motivation to go running.
  • I must say the Nikeplus UX sucks. Setting the thing up is a pain. Calibrating it makes very little sense. The website is pretty. I’ll keep playing.
  • Sunday, watched a Pooh Bear movie, gym, swim, pizza at Knead, sinful ice cream, Parlatones at D’Aria, which to quote Mr Fox was a total cluster-cuss to the point where I did not take any photos of the show, bath, read the Planet51 book, sleep.
  • I should really make a few panoramic pics again.. guess the wide angle lens makes me lazy.
  • Mia was asking about why people have to get up early when I realised she does not really have a concept of a parent with a 9-5 job.
  • Oh, and just before you think I’m strange getting Mia and iPod at 3yo, consider having a real early adopter for a dad, somebody like Henk (-;
  • Tune of the week: I gotta feeling, Black eyed peas.. well, Mia loves it.
  • Album of the week: Odd Blood, Yeasayer.
  • My new swimming goggles are such a pleasure.

Have a fun week kids. I’m still in business plan mode.

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  1. You can catch a mermaid.
    I personally have caught one and I didn’t use pilchards as suggested.

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