Quick Update

A week of shock, little sleep and Bircher Muesli.. hard to say if Knead’s or Neo’s is the best..

  • Monday, monthly health check-up and vitB shot.. made some good progress (lost 4kg, 18% drop in cholesterol), book shop, Bitcher Muesli at Knead.. very yum, gym, swim, dropped Mia off, photo safari with Andy around Stellenbosch, Glen Beach walk, astronaut smoothy, business plan writing.
  • When you put 13 ingredients in a smoothy it gets a bit hard to name it.. I just call it the astronaut smoothy.. it’s like a green brown, but it tastes good.
  • Tuesday, day of working at home, ran to Bantry Bay with the new Nike+ toys, dinner with Keith at Bravado, almost fell off my chair reading a legal document informing me that Naulene wants to take Mia to Germany permanently, major sense of humour failure.
  • I’m fed up with all the heart attacks. I think we have a winner in the category of best way to make other people feel the impact of your poor choices in life. Is there an Ayn Rand pill I can administer? It’s not easy working when somebody is busy plotting to take your child away.
  • Wednesday, working from home, day of nasty phone calls and talking to lawyers, TF meeting, a run to Bantry Bay, a walk on Clifton, business plan writing.
  • Thursday, meeting with Edward and Caveau, bumped into Gia, lunch with Dave at Greens, business card printing, Talking Heads at the natural history museum.. good fun.
  • Friday, Lions Head walk with Dave Duarte, tea with Simon at Neo, lunch with Chris, presented on TrustFabric at an entrepreneurship group in Somerset West (which still needs a name), fetched Mia, supper, bath, read Planet51 book, sleep.
  • Saturday, tea, watched Mulan, made juice, gym, swim, Knead pizza, toy shop, made Mia a music compilation (on her iPod), nap, Beta Beach session.
  • From Twitter:
    “Not until you go all in does the Universe really believe you want something. Dipping a toe in the water ain’t swimming.”
    “One day Batbro wil wake up and realise that Bruce Wayne is the costume.”

  • Sunday, tea, watched Mulan, made juice, Geek Cricket visit, Knead, gym, swim, nap, Keith’s farewell dinner at Simply Asia in Park rd.. he’s off to the US, Mexico and Japan.
  • I was thinking, it’s interesting how my journey in business naturally progressed to a wider scope.. Frogfoot: mostly Stellenbosch and Cape Town, Amobia: Cape Town then Joburg, Teraco: Cape Town and Joburg, TrustFabric: Global.
  • I think the recession is over.. based on the Cape Town hot waitress index.. the hotter the waitresses, the weaker the economy.

We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight..