Quick Update

A week of relationship pains all around.. 3 friends on the point of ending relationships it seems..

  • Monday, tea, watched Mulan, smoothie, gym, swim, lunch with Naulene at Knead, house shopping.
  • Tuesday, swim, webui design session, photo processing, had an interesting chat with a life coach, dinner at Nobu with Jonathan and Georg.
  • The life coach asked me what the overriding emotion was I was experiencing over the last 6 months: excitement / optimism.
  • Idea of the week: are we asking the right questions?
  • Finally finished reading Outliers.
  • Wednesday, admin day at home, swim, work, Beta Beach swim with Ingi, UX forum meeting at the Barn.
  • That big Telkom sponsor banner in the reception area of the Bandwidth Barn is a sad sight.
  • Thursday, lawyer meeting, another (unproductive) lawyer meeting, lunch with Aiden, a run to Clifton, TF meeting.
  • The only upside to the lawyer meeting was to see Naulene’s lawyer roll her eyes every time Naulene went on some emotional tangent rant.. that “they don’t pay me enough for this ….” look.
  • I was pondering Mia’s mom’s decision tree.. when I realised she had fallen out of the decision tree a long time ago.
  • This week we discovered that the hot waitress index does not take hippie behaviour into account.
  • Friday, up early to get my car serviced, breakfast on the green sofa (Crush), gym, swim, pizza at Bravado with Andrew, Naulene dropped Mia off, toy shop, food shopping, book shop, a visit to Sidewalk Cafe.. Mia did some party tricks with her iPod.
  • “That gay midget waiter must get some interesting requests around this neighbourhood.” — Andrew

  • “The butcher, the baker and the leather jacket maker.” — Andrew

  • Saturday, tea, made fresh juice, gym.. where I bumped into Naulene’s lawyer, swim, braai in Bakoven with Georg and Parri.
  • Mia really seems to like driving lifts. She’s very good at controlling where we go.. -1) parking, 0) food, 1) gym.
  • Sunday, tea, watched Spirited Away, smoothie, admin, moved Mia’s toys into her new play room, gym, swim, smoothie, tea and cupcakes with Thomas at Lazari De Waterkant, De Waal park with Bella and Alexander, swim, bath, dinosaur pasta salad, read Jumping Jade, sleep.
  • Tune of the week: Bad Day, R.E.M.
  • This ten year detox program is working well.. sorry, ten day detox.
  • “I’m thinking that having to relocate is looking not as potentially vital as anticipated.” — Naulene.. I shit you not.

Last thought: hippies.. stop selling heart attacks, we’re all stocked up. Go find real jobs.