Definition of a Geek?

I joined something called the geeklist this week. You need to answer some questions to be accepted. I was pondering this question on my sunset run today:

g) What is your definition of a geek?

My answer was:
Something I wrote a pretty long time ago.

My new definition is a bit simpler: A geek is not lazy. The END.

Geeks are passionate. Geeks crave knowledge. Geeks find enough reward in doing something just by finding it interesting… and herein is the real clue to what a geek is.

Your average muppet walks the earth with an insect-like reward framework. Their expectations for reward are very simple: do a bit of work, just enough, ask people to pay them, instant gratification, drink beer, watch TV.. be lazy.

Most geeks I know are successful because for a long time they did not care to be paid for working on the things they found really interesting.

Geeks have a longer term view. Geeks will say, screw you, your OS sucks, we’ll build our own even if it takes 10 years. Geeks need things to be done the right way.. so they can’t be lazy.

Go read this.

ps. I guess I also wrote this because it annoys me when people call themselves geeks, are aware of the right way, but just don’t care enough to do something the right way.

2 thoughts on “Definition of a Geek?

  1. As far as coding is concerned I disagree: There’s merit to laziness. If you work on the 80-20 rule, then be lazy at achieving 80% of the task and move on. If you work according to Occam’s Razor, then be lazy and achieve the task as simply as possibly and move on. Being lazy and not striving for perfection in code might mean achieving a lot more.

    1. Being selective about how to most productively spend your time and energy is not lazy. Getting to the point where you know when a bit of laziness helps usually involves a fair amount of learning and not being lazy.

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