Get Everybody on the Bus

Another one from the CITI questionnaire:

What words of advice do you have for budding technology entrepreneurs?

My answer was:

1) Get everybody on the bus and then figure out where the bus is going… the team is often more important than the destination. (an Alex Meiring idea)


2) A key part to success is hard work and access to things others don’t have (an idea from Outliers). You need to spend 10k hours (ten thousand hours) on something new and interesting. In my case it was Linux and networking. If you combine these skills with business you will soon be sucked into 10k hours of business and entrepreneurship experience.

3) Learn to spot value. Invest in things where others take 2-3 years see the real value. Don’t follow, find a way to be first, find a new category. Think: the first vendor neutral data centre business in South Africa.