Audi Troubles

This morning, I’m unhappy because some muppet phoned me without sending caller-ID.. I just love those random very lame customer service calls.. the muppet was going to conduct a survey taking “a few minutes”. I did not take his survey because on Saturday I had another random no-caller-ID person following up on a service. I explained to that person why I was not currently a happy camper. They obviously don’t share notes.

Here we go.. my problem is the roof of the car.

I’ve had an Audi A4 Cabriolet since mid Oct 2008. I can probably count the weeks in which the roof was fully functional on my one hand. Just for fun, let me count the number of times the car has been back to the dealership by browsing my iCal records week by week:

Car Service scheduled 31 October 2008 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 05 December 2008 from 07:30
Car Service scheduled 06 February 2009 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 20 March 2009 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 17 April 2009 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 22 May 2009 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 05 June 2009 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 09 October 2009 from 07:30
Car Service scheduled 23 October 2009 from 08:00
Car Service scheduled 06 November 2009 from 07:00
Car Service scheduled 27 November 2009 from 07:30
Two weeks over xmas and newyears, got it back around the 8th of Jan.
Car Service scheduled 26 February 2010 from 07:00

Car Service scheduled 26 March 2010 from 08:00 .. STILL NOT FIXED.

14 times in 17 months.. or about 27 days in 17 months… and the roof is still currently not fixed. Since 26 Feb (about two weeks later) I’m still waiting for the audi service advisor, who is very, very, very well aware of the problem to contact me and suggest how he is going to fix the problem.

I like Audi. I understand a convertible roof can be tricky, but this is insane.

I was seriously looking at the A5 Cab. Parri thinks I should just get a Boxter.

Anybody else having this kind of hassle with their Audi?

ps. Why do I spend this kind of money on a car if they can’t even phone me with caller ID?

10 thoughts on “Audi Troubles

  1. Get the Porsche! I have stopped counting all the problems we’ve had with our Audi Sportback – love the car, hate the service (Read “No service”).

  2. Option 3) Bitch about Audi on your blog in the hopes that they take notice and fix the problem.

  3. I won’t by buying another European car for a while. Had enough issues with the Beemer, and I hear similar stories from owners of Renaults, Citroens, Peugeots. VW MIGHT be ok.

    My take on things is that even though a lot of attention to detail goes into these cars, specifically the German cars, the detail they focus on is panel gaps, upholstery and screwing everything down with enough screws so that it won’t rattle. But the parts themselves are often slightly under-engineered and give you lots of headaches.

    Basically, after my climate control failed the second time in a year because of a clearly problematic electrical part, I decided to get rid of it.

  4. Curious, what’s wrong with the roof? Does it leak, or just fail to operate aka fold properly? Do you have a rag top or a hard top?

    A friend of mine who drives an X5 just came back from Namibia, practically fuming. The car went all weird just north of Mariental and went into Limp-home mode, 1300km from home. In limp-home mode, you cannot use more than 50% of your engine’s rpm-range, so not surprisingly, it took a while to get back home, and overtaking was impossible for the most part.

    Back home, they plugged it into the diagnostic computer and got six errors, ranging from low fuel pressure to an open-circuit in the Aircon switch connector. They cleared the error memory and the car miraculously recovered and has been fine for over 1000km now.

    And that is why I love my jappo-box. Recall se moer…

  5. Hi Izak

    Soft top. There are nylon strings which keep the inside part from flapping around. Somehow the open/close process causes these strings to snap.

    That’s the current problem.

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