Quick Update

A week in the life of Joe..

  • Monday, swim, gym, swim, Naulene meeting number 3, swim, run, swim, work, swim.
  • Mobilising Mia on a Monday is like mobilising a small army.
  • Tuesday, admin day.. apply bottom to chair, a run and Clifton beach walk, TF meeting.
  • I’ve been tinkering with my homepage. Some of the content is really starting to become old now. I guess the best strategy is just to keep updating the things that really bug me and make peace with the idea that all homepages are out of date.
  • Wednesday, dental surgeon visit, Frogfoot office visit for photo processing, Kauai wrap, watched A Single Man at the Labia on Orange.. very good.
  • Sadly, I think I’m not going to get around to a Suicide Gorge trip this year.
  • Thursday, lunch with PW at Greens, dentist, 1km swim, shopping, braai in Bakoven.
  • Friday, UX meeting with Phil and Debre, fish and chips with Jonathan and Aiden at Foresters, Somerset House school tour with Mia and Naulene, cheesecake at Manuka, Beta Beach photo session with Mia, bath, read, sleep.
  • With a bit of luck we seem to have sorted out the Mia school story.. and the more interesting part: which country she will be living in.
  • If you can negotiate with Naulene, you can negotiate with anybody.
  • I managed to confirm the date and venue for the next GeekDinner.
  • Saturday, tea, breakfast with Cath at Knead, gym, swim, Stellenbosch slow food market with Andrew, Bell and Jess, a virgin cocktail at Buena Vista, book shop, shopping, I made a very nice spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni with an olive tapenade based sauce, bath, read, sleep.
  • I was pondering.. if success is compounded opportunities, what do we give children to give them that advantage.. it used to be as simple as access to a computer.. I’m thinking the answer is in an attitude towards life. Education, believe in what you can explain, negotiation skills, how to spot value, how to communicate your ideas well.. hmm, not a trivial question.
  • Sunday, tea, made fresh juice, watched Duck Tales, some drawing, sent Mia’s 4th birthday party invites, aquarium.. bumped into Paul, icecream, gym, swim.. bumped into Jess and Jade, pizza at Buzz Cafe.. bumped into Carel.
  • Thinking about the effects of the cyclists on my mood today, I should really make a plan to exit Cape Town while the soccer is on.
  • I think I’m officially undergoing a bit of a slump in my photography.. but then again, I have enough interesting things to keep me busy.
  • Remember kids, it’s not the model of your iPod, it’s what you are listening to.
  • It’s not good enough just to reproduce. You have to have cool children.
  • Tune of the week: American Pie, Don McLean.. Mia and I like to sing along in the car.
  • It’s not about the idea or the technology anymore, it’s about the community.
  • Sometimes I wonder how humans made it through the dark ages without face cream.

Have a fun week crazy kids.

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