I attended the 3rd Cape Sotware Engineering Colloquium this week at the Radisson.

In short.. it was pretty cool. Good topics, good speakers, nice snacks. Jenny McKinnell and her CITI team did a very good job.

Two thoughts:

1) I think the word “engineering” is used too often in software development. (Yes, yes, it was an IEEE thing). Software development is not engineering, it’s a knowledge discovery process. It’s about people, not maths. It’s a journey. I think that’s the essence of Agile. Knowledge + Experience = Understanding. Knowledge and experience grows as you start to understand the problem better.

2) Conference name tags, on lanyards are not cool.. unless you print the name on both sides. Over tea I was chatting with one pretty cool individual, but her tag was facing the wrong way and I got interrupted so I did not ask for her details. Dagnabbit.

Thanks to Gerhard from Yila Consulting for the invite.

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