The Business of Parenting

Nobody said parenting was simple. Having two very different parents makes it even more interesting.

You may know of the little custody battle that was starting to unfold recently. It seems Mia’s mom has changed her mind and now wants to live in South Africa again.

Things have become very businesslike. Meetings have agendas, minutes of meetings get signed, with witnesses, things we can’t agree on move to mediation, contracts need to be drawn up. We have a formal change request process for visiting times. You’ll be surprised the little details which need to be clearly expressed.

Sound like fun?

Yeah, it’s a pain, but I’m starting to think this is maybe a very realistic way of dealing with the responsibility of parenting. The last thing you want is an expectations mismatch. Maybe all parenting partnerships should have contracts..

“See, families should be run like companies…
…with everybody’s responsibilities clearly defined.
All the best relationships are based on contracts.”
— D.H. Banes, Igby Goes Down

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