Muppet of the Week

The muppet of the week is, wait for it…

After some honest reflection, I feel like I got my ass whipped this week.

Why do I think I was a muppet? My Silicon Cape pitch sucked. I pretty much made a fool of myself in front of about 450 people. Sure, it reads ok, but it’s not going to convince anybody to use it or invest in it and I got the format totally wrong.

What can you tell 450 people, who have all had a drink or two, in only 60 seconds that is going to stick with them?

Obviously, what’s going on in my head (I think about this stuff most of the day), is a whole orchestra of ideas. How do I get a single instrument to play a note in the heads of people who are new to these ideas?

Well, it’s not by explaining how it works. It’s by asking the right question. Let me try that pitch again (I’ll just image the 450 people for now).

Hi, I’m Joe and I’m here to tell you about TrustFabric.

How might we, allow you, to take back control of your personal information and allow you to selectively share that information in a way you will trust?

This is our challenge. Let me say that again.. (a bit slower this time)

How might we, allow you, to take back control of your personal information and allow you to selectively share that information in a way you will trust?

We have solved this problem. We are currently running an invite-only alpha service. Come ask me for a business card if you would like to check it out.


This is all you can do in 60 seconds. Now I know (-;

I figure it’s good to get your ass kicked every now and again. Somebody told me it’s the best time to learn about yourself.

I’m happy this happened now, 3 month in.

There is a slightly deeper reason why I think I felt like a muppet and I only realised it now. In the life of a tech start-up there is an interesting mode-change when you start making your idea public. It’s cool to be working away and having a small number of people ask about your little brainchild.. they want to know. It’s a whole different sport to try and get a big number of people interested.

I figure an idea like ours is not something people just jump on when they hear it for the first time. They have to realise the problem first and the problem may be hidden to them for a while. It’s a process of discovery and triangulating the hints that there is something very wrong with the world as it works today.

I’m taking a week off to spend time with Mia.. and then the next 3 month phase begins.

3 thoughts on “Muppet of the Week

  1. Well, if you feel like you’ve not made a great pitch it’s also better to do it amongst people that more or less know you (I think most people at SC probably have an idea of who you are). That’s one of the things I like about Silicone Cape (eek, even though I haven’t been to a single event yet), it gives our local risk takers a chance to practice this and get some good peer feedback before taking it out to big international things where lots and lots of eyes will be fixed on you.

  2. My friend Steve does Jujitsu. He trained for a year before his first real fight. He said that in the midst of that first real fight, while some dude is busy fucking you up, you start thinking… and then you spend the next few weeks processing what happened?… Why you weren’t better? etc. All the training in the world and yet you learn more in those few seconds, while someone is punching you repeatedly in the face, than you could ever learn “practising”.

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