Quick Update

The weekly post is on time for a change..

  • Monday, raw chocolate smoothie, gym, swim, failed Mia exchange (most annoying), testing, tweaking and blogging to launch TrustFabric Alpha2.
  • Tuesday, smoothie, dropped Mia off, Aiden visit.. I took the Lexus IS250C (cab) for a test drive, late lunch and strat session with Jonathan, travel planning, booked a flight to London.
  • Wednesday, admin day at home, watched Iron Man 2.
  • Why do people start their voicemail messages with “Hi!.. blah blah”? Surely you don’t want people to think that you are answering your phone.
  • It’s really winter now.
  • To get VC ask for advice. To get advice, ask for VC.
  • Thursday, breakfast at Arnold’s with PW and Dave, gym, admin time.
  • Andrew started blogging.
  • Friday, ICSE at CTICC (nerd-ville).. ended up giving a talk for some students, lunch at Manna with Andrew from mygeni.org, music and Tshirt shopping at HiFive in Kloof st, Henk’s birthday at Woodstock Lounge, Paul Oakenfold party.. met Sunette and Dihantus.
  • “Keep calm and party on.” — my new t-shirt

  • Saturday, Beta Beach walk, nap, pizza and rugby at Carlyle’s, met up with Andy and Marcia at O’Driscals, Cams’ birthday party at Ricks.. got some nice pics, but I was a bit lazy so everything is f1.2 which can get a bit much.
  • Sunday, house cleaning, Mia time, gave Naulene a foot massage, nap, movies, pasta, bath, read How to train your dragon book, sleep.
  • “I’ve never wanted something rational.” — Head Over Feet, Alanis Morissette

  • Tunes of the week: Koop Islands, by Koop.

Have a fun week kids.