Quick Update

Another week in single dad startup mode..

  • Monday, fresh juice, Bercher muesli, gym, swim, knead pizza, dropped Mia off.. some conflict time (nothing unusual just threats of phoning the police), tea with Andrew, oxtail for dinner at Andrew’s, we made Sago pudding, yum.
  • Major sense of humour failure, I discovered Naulene had gotten a passport for Mia without my consent. So, she had to choose between keeping Mia or the passport.
  • Mia can now drive the Ubuntu UI, find and play her movies.
  • Tuesday, lunch with Michelle to do some Egypt trip planning, gym.
  • Yes, I’m off to London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Egypt in June.. scuba diving in the Red Sea.. and pondering a US visit.
  • When you have kids they lose stuff and they break stuff. I figure my way of dealing with this is to take photos.
  • Snack of the week: cheese, gherkins, sundried tomato on toast.
  • Wednesday, home affairs, Gardens Centre, hot chocolate with Alan at Truth coffee, Crush, spinning.
  • “To spend money costs money.” — Alan Levin

  • Did you see the wave outside? The anti-Facebook, distributed and open wave. Grab your surfboards.
  • Thursday, bank, UK visa application, Netprophet, took a drive up Nettleton rd, spinning.
  • Seems Lance (the spinning instructor, Hi Lance) has been following my activities on FB/Twitter.. interesting how many people think I’m a photographer of sorts.
  • Frogfoot once hired a consultant (Virgo) to help with some strategy. In the first session he asked what we would do if money was not an issue. I answered.. start and run an open source project that had a big impact on the world.
  • Friday, WAPA presentation, lunch at Boo Radley’s, home affairs, fetched Mia, dinner at home with Georg and Parri.
  • Try to explain the children’s act of 2005 to Home Affairs.. it’s a riot. They have no fucking idea what the law says. In the end they blamed the training officer. Super Muppets.
  • Saturday, fruit salad, big washing day (5 batches) on a sunny day, gym, swim, Waterfront shopping, watched 9.. pretty good, big photo processing night (~750 photos).
  • Sunday, we watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs with duvet, rusks and tea, pottering around the house, fresh juice, photo exporting, avo ciabatta sandwiches, listened to all the R.E.M. we have, afternoon nap, gym, swim, green pesto and fresh pasta, bath, read, sleep.
  • Tune of the week: World Leader Pretend, Green, R.E.M.
  • Screw this stock photography thing. Who wants to take powerpoint slide backgrounds anyway. My career as a profile picture photographer is doing much better anyway.

Have a fun week crazy kids.