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We don’t grow up thinking that one day we’ll find ourselves in a room with a lawyer fighting about custody and maintenance. It sucks. Trust me.

Some of the logic hurts my head. At one point, which sounded very socialistic in nature I say to Mia’s mom.. I’ll bring you a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

I suspect she did not like that comment. Anyway, that’s the background. It bugged me, so I ended up sending her this:

You commented today that I’ve not finished reading Atlas Shrugged. True, I only made it about 25% through.

Thing is, it’s old. It does not work for the ethical empire way of thinking. The new successful business man is the one who can capture the moral high ground. Do well and do good. Rand did not understand how to blend capitalism and altruism.

I like my way more. Better story.

I’ll wait for the movie.

“Every man has to be his own saviour.” — Johnny Clegg

2 thoughts on “About Atlas Shrugged

  1. This is why I’m shit scared of ever getting married and/or having kids one day. It seems like most women these days are ruthless and don’t care about anyone besides themselves. It seems like some old stereotypes suggest that it used to be the other way around. These days it’s hard just getting someone who baths everyday and wash their hands after using the toilet.

    /me stops before getting even way too nastier

  2. Joe – Thank God I’m not the only one that didn’t finish the wretched book, got to 20% and decided that the Coles Notes were faster. I agree with your thoughts (the problem with Atlas Shrugged) sadly I think that the people who actually get through the book probably find some justification for capitalism to soothe their conscious.

    Jonathan – I feel sorry for you guys, I truly do. My gender fails me.

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