Egypt planning

The quick Egypt adventure with my cousin. Let me know if I missed something which is really cool to see.

Day1 – Early morning arrival, transfer to hotel to drop bags and leave for Giza pyramids, Memphis and Saqarra. Sound and Light show at the base of the Sphinx – Overnight in Giza.

Day2 – Egyptian Museum and Coptic Cairo, Citadel of Saladin – catch the overnight train to Luxor

Day3 – Early arrival in Luxor, drop bags at the hotel and head straight out for the West bank. Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon, Hapshetshut’s temple. In the afternoon take a felucca ride back across the Nile to the West bank for a memorable camelback ride into the sunset. Sound and Light show at Karnak Temple (the old city of Thebes).

Day 4 – Early morning hot air balloon safari. Back to the hotel for breakfast and latish pick up for tour of the East Bank – the temples of Karnak and Luxor. In the evening, transfer to the airport for your late night flight to Sharm el Sheikh.

Day 5,6,7 and most of 8 – SCUBA diving in Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab.

Day 8 – transfer to St Cathrines, climb Mount Sinai – evening till early morning the next day.

Day 9 – transfer back to Cairo to catch return flight.

I figure you must dive the Red Sea while we still have sea life to look at.

4 thoughts on “Egypt planning

  1. Joe.

    Itinerary? For a holiday?? Really?

    This should be your list:

    Day 1 Arrive in Cairo
    Day 9 Leave Cairo

    If I was going with you, Id be complaining HEAVILY about this planned holiday. I mean really complain. :)

    What you gonna do when the line: “back across the Nile to the West bank for a memorable camelback ride into the sunset” does not pan out like you want it? Threaten everyone till they like it? No spur of the moment “hey, look at the camels. Lets go ride one” It’s all “no, we’re doing camels tomorrow morning at 8:45”?

    You’re pulling my leg, right?

    1. In this case I think having a plan is better than sitting in a hotel room watching MTV… or Simpsons in your case.

  2. LOL So how did it pan out? I’m sure 4×4 dune riding would have satisfied all your South-African beach-driving cravings… provided you don’t drive like a gautenger.

    1. It was good fun. The Scuba diving was the best part.. but the 4 day history lesson was also cool.

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